CCP’s Victory over Coronavirus in Wuhan?

Author: Justice After All (正义之师)

Date: 13 May 2020

While CCP has the ambition and guts to proclaim that “we will help the world to fight coronavirus”, a residential community in Wuhan, named as Sanmin,  went into lockdown due to new surging coronavirus cases. The real question is, did CCP ever achieve victory over coronavirus in Wuhan to begin with?

Before CCP sells its “success story” to the rest of the world, let’s take a look at the data reported by Beijing, the habitual offender for underreporting caseload. According to its National Health Commission (NHC), on 9 May 2020 and 10 May 2020, there were 6 new cases in Hubei providence in total. According to the state-run People’s Daily, a local CCP official was fired over the cluster of new cases in Wuhan being accused of “poor management over the closing-off and control of the Samin residential community”.

Along with the innumerable difficulties posed by the coronavirus outbreak, some families in  China are scrambling to make ends meet due to lack of sufficient social welfare safety net. A social media chat below reveals that some residents are immensely concerned that they cannot go to work to fulfill their employment contract, leaving them at great risk of not being able to provide food to the dinner table and losing their jobs at the end, while the state media claims that people on quarantine have access to all necessities. 

After more than a dozen new cases were reported in Jilin province lately and now surging cases in Wuhan, CCP, who has lost all credibility for unceasing misdeeds, brazenly jumps into the big shoes of trying to lead the world in the fight against coronavirus.

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May. 13, 2020