Miles: To pursue social justice and reconciliation for a new China

Summary: 老姜

May 11

Needless to say, Mr. Steve Bannon is a genius and he is playing a crucial role for the United States and the world. To date, the impact of the CCP-virus pandemic on the economy is the most important and complicated business for the White House.

Whether Mr. Bannon will go back to the White House depends on the timing. Per the analysis, there are about one hundred million people in China are jobless, which means CCP’s foreign trade will die out completely with no foreign exchange.

President Xi Jinping and Vice President Wang Qishan is day-dreaming of using the state-owned enterprises to support the Chinese economy and follow the old road of the Cultural Revolution time. It will be a disaster for China.

For the new China without CCP, we shall be compassionate. We must pursue the rule of law, yet we must also pursue social reconciliation. Don’t let the hatred of CCP and its officials control us. The CCP machine is a meat grinder to turn good people into evil. There will be legal penalties for officials who commit serious crimes. In the future, all the properties that once legally belong to the entrepreneurs and individuals yet confiscated by the CCP must be returned to these people. The land must be privatized.

Chinese culture is actually the most suitable one to implement rule of law. We must become the most trusted and reliable ally with countries like the United States. In the future, China shall have rich people with beliefs and morals in power to rule, that way, they will respect people’s dignity, serve the people with their heart and this type of political and economic system shall be stable and reliable.

We shall adopt bilingual, like Hong Kong, so that we can communicate and contribute to the world civilization without any barriers.

All Chinese should have the freedom to choose and respect their beliefs, and regardless the religion they choose, it must be strictly regulated by the legal system to protect people’s freedom.

In the past few days, the sale of G coins has been very popular all over the world, especially among the Chinese, we shocked everyone and even the Wall Street capitalists. The westerners witnessed our power of social influence, financially and psychologically.

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

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