Miles Guo believes CCP’s global ambition repeating its historical “Great Leap Forward”

Miles Guo believes CCP’s global ambition of “Belt Road Initiative” and “Plan 2025 2035” are repeating its historical “Great Leap Forward”. No one in history has ever known and understood CCP more than Miles Guo. In his recent live broadcast, he used the term “Modern Great Leap Forwards” for the first time to precisely describe CCP’s global ambition to supersede and replace the USA in the geopolitical competition. As history reminds us, all those frantic movements carried out by CCP including the past “Great Leap Forwards” brought nothing but catastrophes to the Chinese people.

Mr. Guo said, “I once said to my American friends that they don’t understand the first “Great Leap Forward” in China. The first Great Leap Forward happened between the late 50s and the early 60s right before the Cultural Revolution. Tens of millions of people were killed in that radical mass movement. During that crazy time, people of China were fooled by the CCP and they even boasted that cattle can be raised in a water tank, a thousand pigs be raised in a well, and a thousand tons of grain be harvested in the small rice patty. CCP’s specific goals were to supersede Britain within 15 years and to replace the United States as the world superpower within 20 years. They were probably the most absurd lies in the world. Even now they were the big jokes too. What saddened me the most is that the whole nation fell for that craziness, while the Chairman of the Communist Party, Mao Zedong, and his fellow comrades danced with pretty ladies in the Forbidden City day and night while fifty millions of their citizens were starved to death. One of the most famous slogans was ‘Fighting with the sky, fighting with the earth, fighting with people. There was endless fun. “

“The second great leap forward was China’s reform and opening up”, Mr. Guo continued “When the Americans signed the WTO with China, the Chinese economy started to boom. But CCP accomplished its economic development by destroying the environment, the Nature:the Mountains, and rivers of China. It also ruined people’s thoughts, culture, and religious beliefs. Everything means for “money” and everything can be for sale: Chinese tradition and culture, worship of ancestors, the history, and the future. CCP sold the health, the blue sky, the rich land, the fresh air, and the clean water. And now Chinese people had to take the consequence: the whole of China, whether it is the developed urban or the remote rural areas, suffered from the pollution. The so-called “prosperity” has become the national curse. The house you own and the car you drive can indeed make your life better, but they can’t give your health. Instead Chinese people became the slaves of house mortgage and car loans. As a matter of fact, even before China’s reform and opening up, and before the WTO was signed in 2001, the world has warned that the Communist Party would let the so-called Great Leap Forward happen again. This time the consequences are the environmental disasters and the loss of virtue and hearts.”

“The third Great Leap Forward has happened after the 18th National Congress. This time CCP aims to conquer the world. President Xi & VP Wang government launched a new era of fighting corruption in China, ruling the country with police and ruling the country with the mafia. Their “China Dream” is to rejuvenate the greatness of the Chinese empire. The whole strategy is a “one-hundred-year plan” that includes the “Plan 2025”, “Plan 2035 and 2049”, One Belt One Road, and then to dominate the world. CCP “promised” the United States with a new type of relationship between the two countries, a multi-polarization of the world. CCP called it the co-governance of the world. What CCP did under the table is completely the opposite. They have infiltrated the West in every aspect through the BGY plan (media manipulation, buy up, and control with sex) and 3F plan (Fail, Fall, Fell). Nowadays we see Hong Kong gradually lost its autonomy and fell to CCP’s tightening grip. In the meantime, the Chinese Communist Party is trying to invalidate the US-China Joint Communique on Taiwan. Its ultimate goal is to merge Taiwan into its territory as one of its provinces. The strategy that CCP has rolled out against these regions is called “Double Dragon Plan”. I must say that CCP started all of these as the political “Great Leap Forward”. Later on, it wants to conquer and dominate the world. It wants the Chinese Yuan (RMB) to replace the US dollar and to become the world currency. It wants the world to depend upon its product supplies as a way of control. Now the CCP released the virus to pave its way of ambition, and we must call it #CCPvirus. These are the three “Great Leap Forward”. The first one failed and hundreds of million Chinese people perished as the catastrophic result. It is such great madness that the Chinese have been abused for so long by the Communist Party! The second and third one will bring disaster to the whole world if the West keeps aiding and abetting CCP’s ambition. But I am certain that there won’t be the fourth one.”

We know that the first “Great Leap Forward” happened after Mao took part in the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the October Revolution in Khrushchev of the Soviet Union in the 50s. Mao wanted to “catch up with Britain and the United States” as Stalin boasted. Mao had always wanted to strengthen his leadership in the communist party, so the Great Leap Forward was actually the “Mao Style Chinese Dream”, which led to this fanatical national production movement at that time and ultimately ended in a ridiculous and horrifying way. It brought catastrophic damage to China and the Chinese people: the first is environmental damage and pollution. The vast forest was chopped down and burned as fuel to make the poor quality iron and steel. This movement also collapsed the agricultural economy. Farmers were forced to stop their farm work and abandon farmland since they had to participate in the whole-nation steel making campaign. As a result, people’s livelihood was languishing, and the famine struck the whole nation. When Chairman Mao heard that hundreds of millions of people were starved to death, his simple reaction was “No big deal”. The CCP leaders’ cold blood response surprised no one if you have followed its history. No wonder the former Vice President Wang Qishan threatened that our Chinese people can endure the hardship and even ate the grass if necessary, but Americans must have the steak when the western journalist asked him whether China was afraid of the escalating trade war. During the great famine, numerous villages were locked down and people were forbidden to travel elsewhere seeking for food and help. This reminded us of the lockdown of Wuhan city in this pandemic. The first “Great Leap Forward” movement was the result of CCP’s arrogance as the ruler of China and Chinese people, and it also showed its ignorance of economic laws and incompetence in handling the crisis. Since then the nightmare of Chinese people has started.

Mr. Guo said that the CCP’s craziness in boosting the economic development has become the second “Great Leap Forward”: such development and expansion are completely disregarding the laws of nature, taking the resources without any sustainability and damaging the environment without restraint. The excessive urbanization, destruction, and contamination of the farmlands and water resources left no land to cultivate and harvest healthy food. CCP imprisons the dissents, suppresses people’s freedom of thought and religion. It also controlled the media, distorted the facts, and hid the truth. All of which have caused unprecedented harm to the spirit and spirit of the Chinese nation. Therefore its temporary monopoly and control of the world’s supply and demand markets have fostered the imperial dream of the CCP, it wants to control the world through controlling the world economy, world capital market, and replace the US in the geopolitical play field. Guo said that these new “Great Leap Forward” are nothing more than historical reincarnations, and the same ending will be happening.

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Interesting reading, thank you!

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Happy birthday Miles!!!


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