Arrestees’ Families Wait On

2020 perhaps marks the darkest Mother’s Day in Hong Kong, as the police arrested at least 230 people, tackled civilians on the streets and in malls and detained reporters while pepper-spraying them. Police even took away teenagers from their parents for no reasons.

At 3 am on May 12, families and friends of the arrestees had been waiting outside the Hung Hom police station for hours. Some said they received a call at 7pm that they could bail their family members out.

At the scene, people brought food, masks and other supply for the arrestees; however, according to those who had entered the station for paperwork, police left the food brought by the arrestees’ families unattended on the floor.

Those who left the station hugged their closed ones emotionally. At 3:30am, a voluntary first aider walked out but the police kept his first aider’s document and vest for reason unknown.

At 5am, several more arrestees left and said that the station was very chaotic.

Source: PPPN

Contributor: GM02

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May. 13, 2020