Hong Kong Digest—Mother’s Day Mass Arrests and inhuman brutality

Author: ILoveJustice(HKer)

Although the Monther’s Day demonstration has been canceled, Hong Kong Police Force massive arrested more than 200 civilians, including a lawmaker, first aids, and reporters. They “surrendered” a 5 or 6-year-old boy, two or three 12-year-old girls, a 13-year-old reporter, a legislator… 

However, the police brutality in Hong Kong has not been fully covered because the Chinese Communist Party uses all means to destroy the freedom of news.  We pledge the international community to wise up with this limited coverage and stand with Hong Kong people! 

  1. 12-year-old Girl arrested as police fire pepper balls in a mall 

Policemen pointing their guns to civilians in the shopping mall who were celebrating Mother’s Day. (Source: RTHK)

A 12-year-old girl was reportedly arrested and two teenage journalists were taken away during ‘singing’ protests at malls across Hong Kong on Sunday afternoon.

Around ten people were said to be arrested at the upscale Moko shopping center in Mong Kok, after an officer appeared to fire ‘pepper ball’ projectiles in response to a drinks bottle thrown from above.

  1. Two sisters were arrested when waiting for their mother for celebration

The mother, knowing that her two daughters were arrested, cried for help. District Councilor Ted Hui Chi-fung tried to mediate and persuade the police to send asthma attacked sister, 12, to hospital for medical treatment. The policemen brutally pushed the councilor and the mother aside and took the sisters away. 

3. Police pressed a female reporter from Apple Daily on the ground

A female reporter from Apple Daily was pushed down and pressed to the ground by a policeman when she was shooting at Mong Kok. The reporter shocked after the police chocked her neck for about 20 seconds. She is now in hospital.

4. Democratic Party legislator Roy Kwong was brutally arrested and tortured

Lawmaker Roy Kwong Chun-yu turned up in Mong Kok to negotiate with the police. When he was crossing a street, police officers rushed to him and pressed him down to the ground. One policeman pressed his knee onto the politician’s neck; the other attacked Kwong’s head. The party wrote on its Facebook page that Kwong was to be charged with disorderly behavior. But the lawmaker was seriously injured and was sent to hospital escorted by two armed policemen. 

Kwong is the most populous lawmaker in Hong Kong for his brevity and righteousness. He serves the grassroots and youngsters and thus gets the nickname of “The Great Kwong”. As Hong Kong descending into a police state, upright public figures like Kwong have been repeatedly threatened both by the police and Triad. 

5. Prince Wong, Ex-Scholarism members, was sex harassed by policemen

Prince Wong Ji-yuet, a student activist of democracy, was arrested when she was dining out with her boyfriend. The policemen searched her and the boyfriend, saying obscene language and sex harassed her.

6. Female arrested was taken to a public toilet and tortured

A female arrested was taken to a public toilet by some policemen. People heard the woman screamed and the sound of pepper spraying. Local people posted the message on social media. 

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May. 11, 2020