Lu-De Media : Why CCP dares to declare Itself as Nuclear Super Power?

The Chinese Communist Party often announces, “We will never declare a ‘first use’ nuclear weapons policy.” But the preconditions for this policy are: “If you strike me first with conventional weapons, I will retaliate against you with nuclear weapons.” It’s very clear: Come at me with a knife, and I’ll respond with a gun. That’s what the CCP is saying.

Huang Qifan is sending a message to CCP core elite members, who transferred their assets to the United States long ago, they’re the most anxious, the most fearful. They wrote this article to say, “it’s alright, calm down. We are a nuclear super power.” Meaning, America wouldn’t dare decapitate our regime, like they did to Iraq, their assets in the US or overseas still safe.

By: kk, Ian

Source: Lude Media Youtube Channel

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