Police brutality in Hong Kong on Mother’s Day

Hong Kong civilians initiated “Sing with You” activities on May 10 in several districts across Hong Kong. They chanted protest slogans and sang songs.

It was reported that the officers from the police force were not wearing masks when they entered a mall in Tsuen Wan earlier today.

In spite of this, they scolded members of the press at the scene, accusing them of violating the social distancing rule and lacking awareness of the epidemic. Droplets were seen coming out of the police officers’ mouth as they reprimanded the public while not wearing a mask.

Around 19:38 o’clock at ShareTea on Soy Street, riot police flashed an extremely strong flashlight at a citizen, startling him. The citizen then responded, “Why are you flashing at me?”

He was immediately pinned to the ground. The police then quickly set up a cordon and deployed pepper spray at journalists around the area.

According to Baptist University Students’ Union Editorial Board, the blue shirt citizen left his camera on the floor after he was restrained by the police.

Riot police also issued warnings to the citizens who were around the area, claiming that they were violating the anti-crowding ordinance, and asked all of them to leave.

Later at 20:30 o’clock, the police suddenly rushed from Nathan Road towards Shan Tung and Sai Yeung Choi South Street. Many citizens were unable to escape. They also flashed bright lights at reporters’ cameras multiple times in order to disrupt their footages.

They sternly warned “those shouting at the scene” that they will be fined if they did not stop.

Close by, a man who was earlier hit by pepper spray was receiving medical treatment.

Source: BUSU Editorial Board, Now News, Apple Daily, Egg Club

Contributor: GM02

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May. 11, 2020