Miles: How to build a New China without CCP?

Summary: 老姜, English Subtitles: 突突

First, let’s not talk about big topics such as supply chain, production base, etc. The first step is to rebuild the whole education system so that people will enjoy free religion, highly respected moral standards, and a true legal system.

The second step is the future relationship between New China and other countries. Regardless of the national power, New China must abide by the international norms and standards, abide by the common value of humanity, and we must establish a brand new national image internationally.

Third, because of the 70 years of brainwashing by the CCP, the reconstruction of new China will encounter various unimaginable difficulties. We must have a clear understanding of it and be well prepared for it. I want to emphasize, don’t expect any medicine to cure the CCP-virus. Even if the patient is recovered from the virus infection, you may still live in a very painful life. You see Alibaba’s Jack Ma in a recent video, he wasn’t wearing a mask with a group of people, he must have some special medicine.

Therefore, it is very critical to go through a thorough investigation to the bottom of the pandemic to find an antidote. I will say never take any antidote publicly recommended by the CCP, it is useless.

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May. 09, 2020