Carrie Lam’s trap of free masks—the lamb’s clothing of CCP Wolf

Author: ILoveJustice(HKer)

Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Administrative Region, suddenly showed her care about the shortage of masks in Hong Kong after months of indifference with the supply. On May 6th, when the city is about to ease the social-distance restrictions, Lam announced to fulfill her duty to distribute free masks. The CE’s changes in attitude arouse public suspicion as the memory of her ridiculous remarks on mask-supply is still fresh. In panic February when no surgical mask was available in stores, Lam said: “civil servants working in offices should bring their own masks just as they have to wear their own clothes to go to work.”

On May 7th, the cold-blooded CE announced her fox preaches to promote a pale colored CuMask, boasting “nano cobber air-purifying technology” developed by Poly University. Lam said that the SAR government would distribute the free masks to every household after being registered. 

The registration is the first tricky part: The registration process is suspected of collecting personal information for unspeakable purposes, including obtaining “invisible voters” who would not proceed to the poll stations in person in the upcoming Legislative Council election in September.

Before the handover of the regime, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) carefully designed the game rules of the LegCo election to make it almost impossible for the opposition camp to take the majority seats. However, local elites have figured out their way to grab the majority seats in the LegCo without violating the rules. The result of the upcoming election depends on the number of voters; the more voters would like to cast their votes, the more difficult for CCP and pro-Beijing to win the majority. The public start to doubt that the cunning CE might use the CuMask as a disguise to collect detailed personal information for votes.

Cheating votes  is not enough for the CE to be lamb’s skin covering wolf CCP. The distribution of free CuMasks provides chances for the businessmen to make their fortune from the public crisis. The project of HK$ 800 million, was funded by the SAR government, but the mask producer Crystal International Group is said to be associated with Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen, the incumbent president of LegCo. The Standard, a local English-language daily, questioned yesterday (May 8th ), “Did the government breach the rules by not calling tenders for a massive contract worth about HK$800 million?”

A senior government official explained that they had approached to more than 10 manufacturers for developing a type of reusable mask. But the response was lukewarm, so the government tasked the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel to take the lead instead of merely acting as coordinator. The government’s explanation sounded blatantly untrustworthy.

More information has been leaked that the real virus screening technology developed by Poly University has NOT been adopted in the CuMask. The debate shows that, rather than protecting the mask wearers from breathing in the virus, the elements of cobber in the CuMask may poison human organs.

The scandals of CuMask have further wised up Hong Kongers Carrie Lam’s thuggish patterns to destroy the highly-civilized city: Disguising evil with technology and professionalism, eroding righteousness and justice with the collusion of a corrupted government and profit-seeking businessmen, and depriving civil rights with cheating in elections. The CCP traps, as well as the CCP virus, have been plaguing both Hong Kong and the world. CuMask is certainly not the last case of CCP’s evil deeds.

Carrie Lam promote CuMask in a news conference earlier this week, but her real intention of “government-bussiness” collusion was revealed yesterday (May 8th, 2020). Source: Reddit,

The registration and deliverance of CuMask are highly suspicious of collecting personal data for cheating in the upcoming LegCo election. Source: Economic Digest

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