University Professor Prosecuted for “Inappropriate Social Media Posts”

Author: Justice After All (正义之师)

Date: 08 May 2020

A history and philosophy professor from Harbin Normal University, Linqi Yu, is accused of spreading unclear “inappropriate social media posts” by CCP. Ironically, the actual “posts” have been filtered out by CCP’s cyber police, along with any comments that might remotely hint opposing views of the punitive actions exerted on him.

This is not an isolated incident. Beijing has ratcheted up internet censorship to further deprive the populace of the freedom of speech. As a matter of fact, CCP has long been pushing this “internet sovereignty” globally and it is encroaching our right entitled by First Amendment. Dary Morey, general manager of the Houston Rockets, tweeted about supporting Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protest; in retaliation, CCTV (CCP state-run television) has not broadcast any NBA games since last October.

Popular search engines and social media platforms are unambiguously off limits in China, such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Twitter, however, profits by facilitating Beijing to build a propaganda machine overseas. It has trained CCP officials to amplify messages and allowed paid ads from CCP’s state media (recent policy change due to criticism and legal pressure). Increasing number of Chinese officials, diplomats, media and government agencies are using Twitter to push CCP’s agenda abroad. 

With 88 percent of the world’s internet users, China was ranked 177 out of 180 countries in the 2020 worldwide Index of Press Freedom by Reporters without Borders, followed by Eritrea, Turkmenistan and North Korea as the last three.


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