CCP: Americans are desperately short of meat

Author: 每天耐你多一点

Screenshot of CCP’s propaganda published on May 6, 2020(yes…)

Some websites like TV) quoting CCTV, published an article about restricted meat purchases in grocery stores. The shortage in America has driven people to go hunting. A lot of meat processing plants have been either shut down or have limited quantities being distributed. On April 28th, Trump required mandatory operation of all meat processing plants in order to fulfill consumer needs. However, some plants such as Tyson Foods have infected workers and they had to close the plant in order to deep clean their working environment. This shortage has caused a lot of Americans to go hunting to get their meat. Several states have shown an increase in hunting license permit purchases.  Notably in Indiana, the percentage of permits purchased has increased by 28% compared to previous years. In Washington state, illegal hunting activities have increased 3 times more than previous years. 

This article could be misleading to the public. First, stating that there is limited meat purchasing in some areas is a fact of this pandemic. However, that does not mean that it’s unavailable; it’s due to the shortage of workers and also to prevent the hoarding of foods. This is not a nation-wide fear nor fact! Second, in the U.S., hunting is considered an outdoor sport. It is a great resource but annually, there is limits on permits and quantity of hunted animals. In many states, this spring’s turkey season is flourishing and even overpopulated, because hunters did not get out in previous years. The DNR has a regulated system to encourage people to hunt! It’s a good thing; people have more free time and don’t need to worry about social distancing regulations. 

Combining these two ideas together will push people to be fearful and worry that Americans’ essential needs are not being met. We must consider everything that’s happened. The economy was in a very sweet spot and because of this virus, it got hit hard. People’s health, hospitals, and small business are all being hit hard simultaneously! We must remember that our leaders are doing what they can to make sure our essential needs are met. 

Note: in case people forgot Phoenix TV

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May. 08, 2020