Remarks by President Trump in Meeting with Governor Edwards of Louisiana (Full Edition)

On April 29, President Trump met with the Governor of Louisiana. President Trump praised Dr. Blythe Adamson, she did a lot of data analysis, and provided great help to the epidemic, and invited her to join the team. The president and governor said that both the federal and local governments have made tremendous efforts for the outbreak, and testing is one of the important reasons why Louisiana is so successful. The governor expressed his gratitude to the federal government, and he said he received a lot of help from the federal government.

During the reporter’s question, President Trump’s team and the Governor of Louisiana have answered many important questions. These include, confirming the usefulness of redoxivir, and working hard to develop new drugs, and many parties are developing vaccines.

The states have successively announced guidelines for reopening, and the federal government will also help the factories to start production, and said that the economy will be transitional in the third quarter and will improve in the fourth quarter.

President Trump has received information from the investigation of the CCP and the World Health Organization, and expressed dissatisfaction, saying that the CCP has manipulated the WHO for many years, he also said that to spend money in more useful places.

Many people set a media trap for President Trump. The president said that the United States has the largest number of tests in the world, much more than other countries, and the technology is leading the world. It all started from scratch. The previous government left barely nothing.

The governor said that until the vaccine comes out, we must maintain this practice of slowing down transmission guideline.

Source: President Trump Meets with the Governor of Louisiana

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