The impact of the epidemic on the United States is comparable to the “Pearl Harbor Incident” and “911”? CCP response

CCTV News: On May 7, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a regular press conference.

 BBC reporter: In an interview, US President Trump compared the impact of the Corona virus on the United States to the “Pearl Harbor Incident” and the “911” terrorist attacks.  Although he did not make it clear that the Corona Virus Pandemic was an attack launched by China against the United States, but he did mention China. What is China’s comment?  

Hua Chunying (Speaker of the Chinese Ministry of foreign Affairs) : If the Corona Virus pandemic is comparable to the “Pearl Harbor Incident” and “911 Incident”, then the enemy facing the United States this time is the Corona Virus.  The Corona Virus is the common enemy of all humans.  In the face of this war between humans and viruses, China and the United States should fighting together not enemies.  Only if the international community unites and fights the epidemic together then we can win this war.  But it is very regrettable that some people in the United States are now ” throwing pots ” — blaming others–s around and shirk their responsibilities.  This is wrong. They should concentrate and put their all efforts on fighting the epidemic.

Since the outbreak, China has always been open, transparent and responsible, and utilizes the  most comprehensive, restrictive, and  preventive methods  as it  has tried its best to stop the spread of the epidemic. China has and will  immediately report updated epidemic information to WHO and whole world.  China continues to share prevention and control epidemic experiences, continues to  cooperate  with other countries, and has  also tried its  best to provide epidemic prevention materials to other countries and organizations.  Many national professionals and scientists have made positive comments on China’s timely and effective prevention and control this epidemic.

But only the United States has made discordant voices from time to time.  What we want to ask is: China has quickly controlled the epidemic in more than two months, but the number of confirmed cases in the United States has continued to rise, and today it has exceeded 1.2 million.  What has the United States done in the past?  As the world’s most developed and advanced medical technology country, the United States should have been able to do better than the Chinese government. We also hope that they will do better.  But why did the US let the epidemic develop to the extent it is today?  This is important for  the US to think about–learn the lessons. It is not too late to make up for the situation.

Again, people’s lives are higher than political self-interest.  We advise the United States to stop “throwing pots ” –blaming others– and shifting its attention to China–the US should do its job– give the American people a clear explanation.

Source: CCTV

Translation:【Key】 Editor:【GM31】

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