Miles: The America Fight Back: the winning of the bio-warfare

Summary: 老姜

Understanding of CCP’s Domestic Issues

Like I emphasized many times, since the CCP-virus is artificially synthesized and genetically modified, even if the patient is cured, the patient may experience and suffer series of sequelae as well as relapse in the future, and the torture will make you feel like you’d rather die than to live. The upcoming freedom protest movement in Hong Kong will be a critical life-or-death moment for Hong Kong’s freedom pursuit, and the final psychological tolerance limit of CCP to fully control it.
Per our insider information, the CCP’s so-called “Two Sessions” were rushed to be held on May 21st, in order to divert its domestic dissatisfaction sentiments against CCP and force the public attention on the upcoming conflicts against the United States. At the same time, CCP also tries to play a hero and leader to rescue the world. They also try to avoid the embarrassment of shame as we claimed that the day, June 4th, will be the birthday of a New China without CCP. What CCP did is just like the last military parade of Nazi Germany during World War II.[8:42 AM]In order to eliminate the core members of the Expose Revolution, such as Guo Wengui, LuDe, Sara, An Hong, Dr. Bo, and Mr. Steve Bannon, etc., CCP has invested more than 10 billion US dollars since 2019. However, the more they suppress us, the more influential we are, worldwide. Please keep in mind and be careful as the CCP Oversea Secret Police SWAT Team is exhausting its final mission to kill before CCP dies.

USA’s fight back

After a series of planning, action, and cooperation with the U.S. government and our allies in the world, I’m sure the following major events that will happen in the near future, one after another: 1、 The United States will confirm that the CCP-virus is manufactured in the Biochemical Lab. 2、 The United States will officially announce that the CCP-virus is the worst terrorist attack in the U.S. history 3、 the United States will punish the CCP hijacked Chinese government and claim state-level collateral damage (including those residue debts owed before 1949, a way to leverage and re-establish a formal relationship with ROC), and seal the oversea assets of any kind, hidden by the CCP senior state officials and their illegitimate children. 4、 U.S. to launch a secret weapon to bring down the CCP Internet firewall 5、 The U.S. will convict the Hong Kong government and CCP’s guilt to use anti-humanity and terrorist methods to suppress the Hong Kong freedom and democracy movement.[8:45 AM]6、 The U.S. and other Western countries will sanction Hong Kong government high ranking officials in cooperating with the CCP as well as to strip Hong Kong’s Free Trade Zone privilege, and execute the Taiwan Protection Law. Let me assure you that none of the above major events will happen before the related operation is complete. For our Expose Revolution, “what we do today is what you can see tomorrow. What we say today is what you can get tomorrow. This is our value”.

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May. 07, 2020