CCP Threatens Pres. Trump

Author: 每天耐你多一些(文一多)

Prof. Bacteriophage and 正义之师 also contributed.

“President Trump would like to send our team to investigate the pandemic situation,” a journalist form U.S. stated on the Regular Press Conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, “ and if the CCP has deliberately spread the virus, it will have to take the consequences. In addition, there are two congressmen who have started initiating a bill, granting American citizens and local governments the right to sue the Chinese government due to it misleading WHO, which caused the pandemic to spread globally. Do you have any comment?” 

The speaker Shuang Geng answered that the virus is the public enemy for all human beings. “It could’ve happened anytime anywhere. China was in the same boat as other countries. China was a victim of the virus, neither a perpetrator, nor a ‘distributor’ of the virus.” He also brought out the H1N1 flu in 2009, AIDS, emerged in the 1980s, and the financial crisis in 2008; Nobody asked the U.S. to take the responsibility for these things.

He continues that the enemy is the virus; not China.  “WHO was invited by us to come into the pandemic area and give preliminary inspection results. However, Trump’s request was unreasonable. This is hegemony.” He also questions “Is America still trustworthy? If yes, reconsider what happened in Iraq and Venezuela.”

He claims, “American politicians are passing the buck instead of fighting the virus. They don’t tell Americans the truth; they only care for self-proclamation and climbing the ladder. We would like to warn Trump, that if you are planning something against China, look before you leap; 1.4 billion people will disagree. China’s 2-million military force is not for decoration. Same as our nuclear weapons. If you want a taste, think again and then let me know. If Trump and Pompeo are not  struggling with geriatric mental illness, and you demand China to compensate, let’s rewind the history from when the eight-power allied forces invaded China. If you want to investigate the pandemic, you should let Americans know how many people actually died of COVID-19 instead of flu in 2019. You need to explain about the five American soldiers who initiated the pandemic.”

“We will also warn Trump that because of your arrogant ignorance and selfishness, you wasted the golden opportunity to control the situation when we went into lockdown. You caused the infection of over 1 million Americans and the deaths of over 50,000. You will pay for it. The blood is in your hand and you will pay for it.”


Shuang sketched out five warnings against Pres. Trump. The pandemic actually started in the city of Wuhan in late November. Interestingly, in September, Wuhan drilled for “handling coronavirus patients” in their international airport and it was on the news. Their military took over the lab in Wuhan and no international experts or doctors could come in. This speaker says that the WHO generated an initial inspection report, however, where did they go? Footage shows that they only visited Beijing and Shanghai, but not stepping even one foot in Wuhan. So what kind of investigation report is this without going to the field!? 

In the beginning, they did lock down Wuhan so people were not allowed to go to other parts of China, but why people can still travel internationally through the airport? Why wasn’t the international airport locked down? From local documents, we can see that the government knew this was a serious issue back in November, but they still planned big gatherings for the Chinese New Year celebration including a very large banquet in Wuhan with thousands of people participating in late January! When they quarantine people, they use extreme measures by welding people’s doors and windows shut! As U.S. citizens, we know that not only Trump and Pence have held daily conferences with Coronavirus task force to explain the pandemic to us, but also we are treated humanely, with access to essential items and services. People may hold different opinions regarding if Trump is the best president in American history, but he was thrown into the pandemic turbulence and he led us through it.


Title:Trump suffers from Alzheimer’s delusions?
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May. 07, 2020