HK Innovation and technology chief: Masks Distributed by Government Look Like Underwear

The HK government has announced that they are going to distribute reusable CuMask to all Hong Kong residents. Alfred Sit, the new secretary for innovation and technology, admits CuMask looks like underwear in the program of Commercial Radio Hong Kong.

According to Dr.Ho Pak Leung, an infectious disease expert from the University of Hong Kong, the reusable masks shall not be used when

1) going to hospitals, clinics and elderly homes;

2) getting fever or with respiratory symptoms;

3) classified a confiner, especially home confinees and household members ;

4) diagnosed with novel coronavirus or suspected cases ,and those with close contact.

Source: Mingpao

Contributor: GM02

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take down ccp
1 year ago

yup, that’s a 2 strings lingerie with copper wires, ccp virus welcomed!


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May. 08, 2020