CCTV: The US’ doubtful pandemic containment should be investigated by international community

The CCP mouthpiece outlets CCTV continues to release its review today(May 5), stating as follows:

Recently, some American politicians, represented by Pompeo, have disregarded the critical domestic epidemic situation, but continued to spread rumors concerning the coronavirus originated from the Wuhan P4 Lab and further clamored for an international investigation into the institute.

They are the villain who brought suits to the victims attempting to make unfounded countercharges. World opinions including the U.S. mainstream media unanimously agree that it is the U.S., who is surrounded by the mysterious fog of pandemic, that should be undergone the international investigation.

The U.S. possesses the best medical facilities in the world, yet it has the largest number of infections and fatalities. It has become a major exporter of the coronavirus causing great pressure on the containment of pandemic globally. This is rather beyond comprehension, why would America’s pandemic mitigation get beaten so bad? What should America be held accountable for spreading the virus to the world? The American politicians irrationally divert public attention, what are they trying to conceal? Answers to all these questions demand international investigations.

It is time to clear up America’s unsettling debts on the pandemic. This includes the many on-shore and off-shore biological laboratories. Based on the details that were revealed by public media, the risk of these laboratories is frightening. Such laboratories should also be undergone investigations rigorously by the international community to give the American people as well as people all around the world an explanation.

Source: Weibo

Translation:【Prof.Bacteriophage】 Proofreading:【DDM】 Editor:【GM31】 Subtitle:【jennifer】

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