[CCP] Unfair laws, Desperate People

Author: Prof. Bacteriophage & 正义当道

May 4

Shenzhen recently issued new “Penalty Regulations for Road Traffic Safety Violations” mainly for electric bikes (e-bikes), with astonishingly high fines. Moreover, CCP’s patrol officers began to forcefully implement the new regulations without the acknowledgment of their citizens, which brought great misery. Within 24 hours of its implementation, e-bike riders are extremely frustrated.

In the past, mainland China was famous as the kingdom of bicycles, or the kingdom of e-bikes nowadays. The majority of the population relies on their e-bikes for a daily commute. However, even in a modern city like Shenzhen, the infrastructure for e-bikes is far from developed. Instead of coming up with practical laws to ensure public safety, CCP simply forces unreasonable laws to people. For example, it is illegal to drive outside of the bike lane, but not all roads are designed with bike lanes! In a recent video, a delivery man on an e-bike was arrested by the CCP plainclothes police while driving on the sidewalk where there’s no designated bike lane. By law, patrol officers are not allowed to enforce the traffic law without being in proper uniform, showing badge or ID. However, here in Shenzhen, under the ruling of CCP, the delivery man obviously cannot argue his case, because he is facing the Gestapo of CCP.

At the same time, some Shenzhen citizens expressed their frustration on the NetEase website:

“It is impossible for ebike riders to not break the law, and this is just for surviving life.”

“If your total monthly income was only 3,000 yuan, you would understand why this law is so harsh and ridiculous.”

To elaborate, the new law can fine up to 2,000 yuan, while the delivery man, as the main users of e-bikes, earns only around 6,000 yuan per month (1/3rd of his income can be fined for one ticket). It’s hard to imagine why such unreasonable laws can be enacted. In fact, a law could be easily issued without following proper protocols, such as hearing and voting in any city governed by police with gang-style. Is the law reasonable? Is the law practical? CCP rulers never take those things into consideration. People lose their basic human rights to unfair laws like these.

In Longgang, Shenzhen, patrol officers were seizing “illegal e-bike riders” in accordance with such highly questionable laws and regulations. One middle-aged man was stopped for not wearing a helmet and driving illegally. After being arrested, the patrol officer seized his vehicle according to “law”. “Sorry, I won’t do this again, please do not forfeit my bike”, he was immediately pushed to the ground, with his knees pressed against the concrete pavement, and him grabbing his bike tightly with one hand, refusing to let it go. In the end, he was still fined 2,000 yuan.

Although I advise against riding a bike without a helmet, there is a fundamental problem with implementing “law” like this. Before this big fine coming into play, Shenzhen did have regulations in place for bikers to wear helmets. However, the police never bothered to educate the general public about helmet rules or enforce this regulation. It is not surprising that the general public has no awareness of its existence. When money is involved, police officers are motivated to execute the “law” because they want to fulfill their daily or monthly quota.





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