Miles: More than five CCP insiders have escaped from China

Summary: 老姜

May 4

The CCP’s state TV station, CCTV, recently run a series of frantic crusade against Mr. Steve Bannon and Secretary Pompeo, these actions shocked the whole of America’s political arena. From this, we can tell that the strong evidence that we obtained about CCP’s manufacturing of this virus as a bio-weapon to face up America, and how they released the viruses worldwide to devastate global society and lives, directly hit CCP on its face.

There have been more than 5 VIP individuals who have recently escaped from China, including senior scientists familiar with Wuhan P4 biochemical weapon plans, one senior military general, who has direct information about how CCP planned and executed the virus release plan. More relevant virus scientists have escaped from China and arrived in many other countries.

In the future, for the New China without CCP, we must learn the lessons from the Islamic Revolution in Iran in the 1970s, and ensure that our platform will become a “Safe Deposit Box” to protect and appreciate the asset value of our Whistleblow Movement members, globally.

Per our insider information, there may be some big move in the near future for CCP’s Northern War Zone, which we are closely monitoring. Once their mission starts to execute, it will be a huge boost for our success.

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1 year ago

if this all will happen what has and is been reported here , I expect the proof that its not all money driven ……………..otherwise we are back to zero


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