SOS! Youngsters in Hong Kong are shouting “HELP”!

Author: ILoveJustice(from HK)

At 1:58 am today, a young woman was screaming “HELP” after two policemen went into a building in Fu Shin Estate at the New Territories in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, around 3:20 am, another young woman was reported shouting for help for in a grassroots community Tsz Wan Shan at Kowloon area.

Soon, the councilor of the District Council went to the place for an investigation. Around 4:00, the councilor reported on LIHKG, a Reddit-like web community in Hong Kong, that the two policemen had left. The security of the estate said, “no one has been arrested.”

On the other hand, the woman at Tsz Wan Shan has not found yet, nor any District Councilor has ever posted any updates on the case.

One week earlier on April 30th at the same place, another young woman was taken away by a white car on a street corner. The witness reported that the car drove into a police station nearby.

Tsz Wan Shan has been one of the most “rebellious” regions where the residents would rush to the street in crowds to fight against police brutality.

On August 27th last year, the residents besieged a group of full-geared policemen who had arrested two young women during a protest.

When young female protesters became the easy prey of the Hong Kong Police Force, many of whom are suspected to be soldiers s of PLA, the neighborhood at Tsz Wan Shan has been vigilant to the abuse of the police force. However, the police officers started to sneak into the residence to “arrest” the protesters. No one knows how many young citizens have been taken away by the police in a thuggish manner. The only thing that local people can do to protect their neighborhood is reporting district councilors for help.

Over 90% district councilors are pro-democratic; local people have been relying on the councilors to protect them from tyranny. However, local districts’ power is limited, sometimes seems helpless when the city descend into a police state. On March 25th, District Council chairwoman Cheng Lai-king was arrested for “seditious intent”.

The arrestment of the chairwoman indicates that the rule of law in Hong Kong has ceased to function. The police force, a tool of dictatorship, enjoys the privilage to act above the law. Last October 22nd, the Complaints Against Police Office received a complaint from a legal representative, saying that his client was raped in the Tsuen Wan Police Station on September 27th.

A 18-year-old teenager, after being arrested despite not wearing black and not protesting at the time, was gang-raped by four masked policemen at the police station and became pregnant. While details about the alleged rape are limited, Apple Daily – citing three anonymous sources – reported that the victim received an abortion at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

However, nothing has been found after 6 months’ “investigation”. The missing population keeps growing, and more and more young women have been taken away at home or on the street. Sporadic reports surfaced on the web for finding the victims, but most of these posts fell into oblivion because no one can tell what has happened to them.

Hongkongers are calling for help! If anyone wants to help the city tortured and abused by the CCP, we will take swift actions with the international community. The bleeding city is collecting powers and strengths to fight back.

The posts on LIHKG for finding the “disappeared young women” in Hong Kong.

Arresting young women was a common practice of HKPF, The solid evidences of the police brutality, including rapes and sex harassment, have already been sufficient, but, no one has ever been held accountable!

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May. 04, 2020