CCP Incessantly Hounds Pompeo for More Than a Week

Author: Justice After All (正義之師)
03 May, 2020

The United States Secretary of State Mr. Pompeo is under ferocious attack by CCP’s state media.

Mr. Pompeo has long been known for warning the Americans against CCP’s aggressive influence and financial operations inside US. As recent as this morning during an interview with ABC’s “This Week”, Mr. Pompeo said there is “enormous evidence” to support the theory that the coronavirus originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

CCP’s state media never goes easy on Mr. Pompeo to begin with. The name-calling and slanderous attack by CCP has escalated to a new level in the past few days. He was referred as “the public enemy of humanity”, “the public enemy of world peace”, “the Secretary of Hatred”, and “a man without bottom line”. CCP’s designated search engine Baidu is flooded with hostility against Mr. Pompeo.

One may ask what triggers CCP’s state media to become such a maniac. The answer is fear and desperation. When it cannot lie any further to cover up the previous lies, CCP typically screams out loud through its state media without hesitation of falsifying information. Mr. Pompeo is neither the first victim nor the last one.

Video by 神六


Fabian, Jordan & Jacobs, Jennifer. “Pompeo: ‘Enormous Evidence’ Links Virus to China Lab.” The Bloomberg. 03 May 2020. Access on 03 May 2020.

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