CCTV released a critical review today: Steve Bannon blustering China lest the world not chaotic enough

Review highlights that the American ultra-rightist, Populist Steve Bannon on an interview recently slandering China for its pandemic mitigation methodology, blustering that China should be economically responsible for this pandemic.

In the context of the US has reached over 1 million confirmed cases, encountered the worst economic decline for the first quarter since the 2008 international financial crisis, Bannon, an obstinate anti-China activist, gives words of nonsense forcibly dumping charges to China with no moral integrity.

The review says, no matter how Bannon fabricates his lies and seeks for excuses, his so-called liability and compensation claims neither are in line with international conventions nor have any legitimate foundations. It has been proven as a fact that China is a contributor and cooperator to the course of global pandemic mitigation.

Bannon’s liability and compensation claims are nothing more than a political hoax lest the world not being chaotic enough. In fact, the louder Bannon clamors the more disclosed the US’ improper handling of pandemic mitigation and the sinister scheme of some of the American politicians who are trying to loot the burning house to take greater political interests.

The review highlights that the pandemic is a natural disaster, knowing no borders. China and the US are in the same boat in fighting this pandemic. Cooperation is the only right choice for both countries. The American people should be clear that if let go of Bannon, such a fanatic extremist, to misdirect and mislead, the course of the US’ pandemic mitigation will become more out of control and the future of the US will be in chaos and crisis.


Translation: 【DDM】 Editor:【GM31】 Subtitle:【lilyw】

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