HK Police Fine Pro-democracy Activists Despite Protesting in Group of 4

On April 30 morning, police fined 8 pro-democracy activists from the League of Social Democrats (LSD) for allegedly violating the gathering ban, despite that the group demonstrated in 2 groups of 4 people.

The activists protested against the police’s ban on the Labour Day march organised by the pro-democracy Confederation of Trade Unions, citing the risk posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The LSD’s chairman, Raphael Wong, tried to reason with the police, but the officers asked him to “talk to the court” instead. Wong accused the police of using the ban on social gatherings to suppress freedom of assembly in Hong Kong. He vowed they would not pay the HK$2,000 fine and would fight the case in court.

Source: InMedia; RTHK

Contributor: GM02

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May. 04, 2020