Miles: CCP virus is to kill Americans & white people by Communist International

Chinese dissident Miles Guo released some shocking information about the CCP virus on May 2nd on a newly created social media platform called G-TV.

Mr. Guo’s video in Chinese:

Some Highlights (not a complete list):

Mr. Guo’s former assistant Ms. Karin is now convalescing at home after a surgery.

There is a rumor out there about the identity of the scientist who fled to Europe from the Wuhan P4 lab by saying that the ousted spymaster Sun Lijun assisted Shi Zhengli to escape, the latter is known as the “Bat Lady”. Such speculation is an utter underestimate of the Whistleblower Movement. Ms. Shi is an insignificant figure in CCP’s biochemical weapon program.

Mr. Guo praised a friend in Australia who had spent two years painstakingly investigating Sun Lijun. His effort was paid off when the evidence he collected became one of the factors for Sun’s arrest. Sun’s Australian tie started when he and his wife were studying in that country. Sun lost the trust of the top kleptocrats at a critical moment.

The scientist who escaped from Wuhan P4 lab under the CCP’s nose arrived safely in the US and had a video conference with a European politician. Later, YouTuber Lude identified the politician as Britain’s Tony Blair, who is also a friend of Miles. Mr. Guo said in his previous broadcast that he and other Chinese, some he never met, assisted the scientist to escape via a private jet without any help from the West.

Miles got two threatening phone calls right before his live broadcast, one from the US and the other from China, promising him everything in exchange for canceling Saturday’s live broadcast. The one called from China is a relative of the CCP’s “supreme leader”.

Perhaps for the very first time, Mr. Guo drew the public attention to a P3 lab in Hong Kong, which is a leading virology lab in the world for coronavirus related research. Collaborating with some Chinese researchers, the top three scientists in Hong Kong’s P3 lab are all from Sri Lanka. They are communist extremists affiliated with Communist International with the goal of killing Americans and white people.

World Health Organization (WHO) is a criminal organization for its collusion with the CCP. It oversees all P3 and P4 labs in the world to ensure their safety. After the virus from the Wuhan P4 lab infected forty people, the WHO did not send out the human-to-human transmission alert. Instead, the director-general of the WHO Tedros Adhanom and Dr. Peng in Hong Kong remained silent themselves and intimidated those involved in the research program to keep them quiet. In addition, they lied to the world by publicly denying human-to-human transmission and saying that the virus originated from nature. Only after the escape of a Chinese scientist, the WHO official called for Beijing to corporate with the international investigation of the virus.

The Whistleblower Movement will expose the relevant criminal transactions in Sri Lanka, the questionable asset owned by the Sri Lankan scientists, their homosexual scandals, and their tight grip of the Hong Kong P3 Lab, as well as Carrie Lam‘ criminal activities with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the CCP’s criminal activities.

Mr. Guo warned the CCP not to harm the kidnapped scientists from Wuhan P4 Lab and Hong Kong P3 Lab, because the CCP officials’ family members, illegitimate offsprings, and assets are all in the West. The enemies of the Whistleblower Movement are only about 100 kleptocrats families, not 99.99% of the CCP members.

What to look forward to:

  • President Trump will say goodbye to his “good” personal relationship with President Xi
  • The US will seek about $20 trillion damage from the CCP
  • The US will decouple with the CCP
  • The US will conduct a thorough investigation of the CCP virus
  • The US will freeze the oversea properties owned by the CCP and their offsprings
  • Europe & Japan will follow suit to freeze the oversea properties owned by the CCP and their offsprings
  • China’s food shortage will be made public
  • The Chinese stock markets in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong will collapse.
  • Hong Kong dollar will be worthless
  • CCP’s currency Yuan will be worthless
  • The CCP will be over
  • The Chinese people will embrace democracy, rule of law, human rights, and freedom!
  • America will be great again!
  • Countries and international organizations and their subsidiaries will reach a consensus on the new fundamental order of peace and stability, and will achieve real and substantial progress and development!
  • The world will enter an ara of peaceful coexistence, realizing global peace, prosperity, and development!
  • All thanks to the complete elimination of the world’s cancer called the Chinese Communist Party!

Background information about Communist International

The Chinese Communist Party was the direct product of Communist International and had been groomed by it during its infancy. The early founders of the Chinese Communist Party were brainwashed by the Communist International during their work or study in Europe.

“The political basis of the CCP was the line of the Communist International, to which it immediately applied for affiliation and especially the Theses on the National Question adopted at the second world congress (1920).” (source:

The Communist International (Comintern), known also as the Third International (1919–1943), was an international organization that advocated world communism. The Comintern resolved at its Second Congress to “struggle by all available means, including armed force, for the overthrow of the international bourgeoisie and the creation of an international Soviet republic as a transition stage to the complete abolition of the state”. The Comintern had been preceded by the 1916 dissolution of the Second International.

Communist International was believed to have been dissolved decades ago, but Mr. Guo’s revelation seemed to suggest that it has evolved into an organization of anti-America and anti-white.

The escaped P4 Lab scientist provided evidence to many leaders in the world

YouTuber Lude claimed to have watched the live stream of the narrow escape of this unnamed scientist who had worked in Wuhan P4 Lab for ten years.

The scientist will testify in public in a few days. Mr. Lude has been recording a video diary for this scientist including meetings with leaders around the world. Mr. Lude will release each segment of the video in his future broadcasts.

The White House was presented with ten-page evidence from this scientist which is convincing enough to pinpoint the origin of the CCP virus.

Mr. Guo described a scene when the escaped scientist was startled by a surprise visit from the FBI. The latter had knocked on the door for ten minutes.

Mr. Guo, Mr. Bannon, and some U.S. government officials had spent the entire afternoon on Friday with this scientist, who is fluent in English. The scientist already has a busy schedule ahead to present evidence to various government branches in the US.

The CCP will defamed the escaped Chinese scientists as lunatics and also threaten their families.

Lude denied the report that the CCP could have destroyed the evidence of the CCP virus.

Dr. Fauci is expected to testify in Senate on Sunday according to Lude due to mounting evidences.

Miles will expose the corruption of WHO and bring an end to this criminal organization which killed many people in the world.

Miles told a European leader that it is impossible to get a vaccine for the CCP virus. There will be a drug to suppress it. When the leader asked about herd immunity, Miles told him to avoid contracting the virus, because the outbreak hasn’t even started. According to subject matter experts, the virus is a cocktail of HIV, MERS, and rheumatism, etc. It will attack the most vulnerable organ when the host is sick or pregnant leading to sudden death in the worst case. There is only one solution: let the CCP reveal everything about this virus in order to develop some vaccines. Maybe the ideal vaccine we hope for is unfeasible.

Given the astonishing death toll worldwide during the lockdown, what the death toll will be after the lockdown is lifted? So, please stay home and stay safe.

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[…] Miles: CCP virus is to kill Americans & white people by Communist International […]

1 year ago

Thanks for bringing us all this information.

“There is only one solution: let the CCP reveal everything about this virus in order to develop some vaccines. ”
Maybe the escaped scientists can give us some useful information in terms of cures/vaccines?


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May. 03, 2020