HK Insider: The CCP’s Tactics to Cheat the World

Author: ILoveJustice(from HK)

B was working in a newsroom in Hong Kong. Early in the morning of today (May 1st), he received a message from his supervisor, who reminded him to keep monitoring “possible violence”. This is no surprise for him because, over the previous 9 months, he has been informed many times to standby for covering the “black violence” in advance.

This is the common pattern of the news coverages of pro-Beijing media Hong Kong, from TVB to Wenwei Po. B is not the only one who “covers breaking news” like a cameraman in a film company. The so-called “big news” on the violence of black-clad “fanatics” in Hong Kong is churned out in factory-like newsrooms in the seemingly “professional” manner. Journalists thus became “recorders” of a pre-planned conspiracy so that the stories of smearing Hong Kongers may impress the audience as “breaking news”.

Over the years, it has been a tradition for Hong Kongers to rally on the streets at the commercial center on special dates, such as July 1st,  to protect the soul of the city, the only enclave in the rouge empire of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that enjoys limited democracy and freedom. CCP makes use of the tradition and spread fake news to impress the world that Hong Kongers are “rioters”.

It has been an open secret among the intelligentsia and protesters in Hong Kong that CCP wants to encroach the soul of Hong Kong and mess up the city by associating the civilized citizens with “black violence”. On April 28th, state media in Hong Kong started to “prepare for” the violence on May 1st, and the rumors about the protesters spawned in the circle of journalists. On April 29th, every pro-Beijing news room feels obliged to “cover” the rumors on the so-called “Flying Horse Movement” as “news” released by “reliable sources”. 

The news of the “violent Flying Horse Movement” becomes the headline of pro-Beijing newspapers today, but most local readers scoff at it because it sounds weird. Hong Kongers would never name their civil protest in such a high-profile manner because they respect each other as “independent individuals”. In addition, the message of the “Flying Horse Movement” was well written in a formal style, while local protesters would like to write in casual oral Cantonese. In other words, the ill-produced fake news means to misinform the outsiders, such as party carders in the Liaison Office, the pro-Beijing new immigrants, and overseas Chinese.

Misinformation kicked start chain actions operated by the government of the Special Administrative Region. On May 1st, major shopping malls were filled with cops, rather than customers. Some cops also disguised themselves as protesters and prepared to destroy the city in front of Journalists. One can estimate today (May 1st) that the first page of the newspaper tomorrow will be the eye-catching pictures of someone in black smashing public facilities. 

Amidst the frontline riot police were men with plainclothes who were busy taking pictures of the citizens in the spot. The plainclothes were preparing for the impending arrests at home or on the street. No statistics are available for the number of people who were arrested because of the picture-taking. However, Miles Guo revealed that some 10,000 citizens were missing last year while the accumulated missing population of the previous 30 years numbered 8000.

Why should the world stand with Hong Kong and condemn the misinformation that prevails in the media? The reason is real: what has happened in Tibet and Xijiang is happening in Hong Kong; what Hong Kong is suffering now will occur in the world. Dirty tricks, fake news and iron-hand suppression—Hong Kongers know that CCP aims to smash the world after it has conquered Hong Kong. 

Evident as it is, it seems that many people in the West are ignorant of the situation in Hong Kong. Even some residents in Hong Kong, including the news staff in pro-Beijing media, keep themselves in the dark, intentionally or unintentionally. 

To fight against the evil CCP, Hong Kongers believe that they are embracing a revolution of our time. The revolution in our age demands the cleansing of misinformation. Despite CCP’s media manipulation, facts and truth are nevertheless disseminating among the public thanks to the new media, including GTV, Telegram, and LIHKG. In seeking the truth, everyone counts. 

Hong Kongers support local business on May 1st to get rid of the CCP’s economic control. “Vote against the CCP with your banknotes” is a new approach to fight against terrorists CCP.

Local pro-Beijing news papers “forecast” a violent protest, the “Flying Horse Movement” on May 1st.

The protesters’ online forum “LIHKG” , however, denied the CCP fake news of “Violent Flying Horse Movement”, saying that what they have planned is no more than spending as much as possible on May 1st in the restaurants and shops owned by local businessmen who support the protests. 

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