CCP Bombards Giuliani to Defend Fauci

Author: Justice After All(正义之师)

Date: 30 Apr 2020

The Global Times, a daily tabloid newspaper under the auspices of CCP’s People’s Daily newspaper, published an article on 29 Apr 2020 (Bejing Time) to elaborately diminish Giuliani to defend Fauci desperately while Americans wonder why US dollars have funded the Wuhan virology lab since 2014. This article cries that “the US government wants to disguise its drawbacks in fighting the pandemic by distracting Americans; US won’t stop smearing China by spreading the rumor that the virus originated from Wuhan Institute of Virology.” While persistently rejecting requests for an independent international investigation into the origin of coronavirus, CCP, being the center of the pandemic, regards Fauci as “Captain America” while complimenting his performance in the task force. “Such a hard-working heroic figure as Fauci is in fighting the pandemic, it is a classic American tragedy that Fauci is criticized and accused while he pours all his heart into this task,” the article concludes. 

Rudy Giuliani, an attorney to Pres. Trump, tweeted on 26 Apr 2020 that NIH funded controversial Wuhan Lab with millions of US dollars for work on risky gain-of-function coronaviruses research since 2014 while Obama was in the office. Backed by NIAID (National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases), the organization led by Dr. Fauci, NIH spent a total of $7.4 million for collecting and studying the bat coronavirus with this Wuhan lab. The gain-of-function research is highly criticized by many researchers because it carries a risk of starting a pandemic should an accidental release occur. Dr. Fauci also promoted a type of gain-of-function research on bird-flu viruses a decade ago. NIH website clearly states that “Certain gain-of-function studies with the potential to enhance the pathogenicity or transmissibility of potential pandemic pathogens (PPPs) have raised biosafety and biosecurity concerns, including the potential dual use risks associated with the misuse of the information or products resulting from such research.” 

Ironically, the comments below this article by CCP are full of sarcasm and wisdom of Chinese people. One comment appeals for opening the doors for international investigation to catch the murderer; other comments suggested scientists from different countries coming together as an independent international investigation group, and the UN should authorize the group for entry to any country of interest. Whoever refuses will be our #1 suspect. ” “There has to be a starting point for the investigation. If your house caught fire and burnt down, shouldn’t we treat the site of the debris as potential crime scene if an arson attack is suspected? If you are innocent, you can request investigation to others too. It does not help your case if you just keeps arguing back and forth while refusing any independent investigation without any alibi in place.” “We’d better find out where the bird-flu came from as well. We can differentiate virus generated in nature from virus manipulated in the lab. So many lives perished of this disease; this alone justifies an investigation!”


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