Another Crude Oil Bao Victim Burnt Himself to Death in Despair?


On April 30, a video uploaded to the internet showed a man burnt himself to death on a crossing in Zhangjiang, Guangdong Province. According to, an informant told the journalist this was another victim of the Crude Oil Bao incident of the Bank of China who snapped and took this radical road of self-destruction after finding out that all his deposit had been cleared out by the bank to settle his loss from the investment in Crude Oil Bao. This has been the third case of Crude Oil Bao victim committing suicide, the previous two, one in Putian, Fujian Province, and the other in Jianmen, Guangdoing Province, both killing themselves by jumping off the buildings. 

slow motion

This tragedy was said to happen at round 7:30 pm but later the same day, we found the reports of several official media on an announcement of the local public security bureau refuting the “RUMOR” about the man being a Crude Oil Bao victim. The announcement claims that the deceased was, in fact, a junkman who ACCIDENTALLY ignited something on him while sitting on the roadside. However, anyone who “accidentally” catches fire will, out of instinct, do whatever he can to put out the fire on him whereas the man in the video was almost motionless while he was completely wrapped in fire. Even if we found no way to ascertain his identity and what drove him to this doom, we can tell the official announcement is a bald-faced lie. 

Police Announcement: some junkman who ACCIDENTALLY ignited something on him while sitting on the roadside

Regarding the Crude Oil Bao incident, Luther proposed two speculations in his broadcast on April 4, both implicating the bruising fight inside the CCP, for it was rather abnormal for the Bank of China not to roll over or close the West Texas Intermediate U.S. futures before their expiry, and by the way, such an egregious negligence or blunder could be the direct cause of the plummeting of the oil future price to the mind-boggling -$37.63 per barrel on April 22. The astronomical loss in billions has wreaked havoc on the life of numerous individuals and families. Hundreds of victims are trying to organize themselves to seek compensation from the bank or justice from the government but we all know where such rebellious behaviors are leading them. We can anticipate more tragedies from this incident, probably another manmade disaster, just as the coronavirus, inflicted on its people by the CCP. 

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No one even tried to help put out the fire. About the crude investments, it is impossible for all the positions to close out at the lowest price of the day, not to mention other irregularities like clients not being able to place trades and automatic stop-loss not kicking in. Unless the bank can produce all the trade records, I think they had simply bet against their investors without even hedging their positions with the CME, meaning they did not actually suffer any loss, but of course they will never admit it, and instead use this opportunity to make huge… Read more »

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