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Regarding Trump’s punishment speech in Rose Garden, “We have many ways to do things easier..”; CCP’s speaker of Foreign Affairs response, “Demolishing one’s position will eventually demolish your own.” 

On April 30th, Foreign Affair Speaker, GengShuang, held a press conference. Questioned by a journalist about Trump’s speech in which he mentioned ways to punish the CCP, he stated, “The coronavirus is absolutely a natural disaster. China and America are both victims of this. We should both strive to work together to conquer the virus. However, America should be aware that the virus is the enemy; not China. Presently, America’s top priority should be to control the pandemic and cooperate internationally to combat this virus. America should not seek to attack us, defile, or push responsibility towards China. We have spoken many times about this and these incriminating words don’t have any legal validation. Internationally, there are no preceding incidences of this ever happening before. I don’t remember who was punished for H1N1, Ebola, or other serious diseases.” 

The speaker also stated, “The top priority for the international community right now is to increase in mutual trust and strengthened alliance to fight the pandemic together. Demolishing one’s position will eventually demolish your own.” 

As we all know, at the beginning of this pandemic, efforts were made by several American companies to donate PPE to China to further control the virus. Now when America has need of PPE, the CCP is using PPE conditionally in efforts to sell them back to multiple countries and in doing so, taking on the identity of the “clandestine good guy.” Trump has repeatedly offered to send over teams of professionals, doctors and people willing to help China in the preliminary stages of this pandemic only to be denied by the CCP. So who’s really seeking trust and mutual alliance here?


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