Miles: CCP Kleptocrats, Listen Up

Summary: 老姜,ZionChung

Listen Up

Listen up, those CCP oversea “Special Hunting & Execution Group” members, I know your secret mission to the U.S., as my CCP inside informers told me that you are planning to execute suicide bombs in the U.S. against me, Mr. Steve Bannon, Mr. Lu De, and other core leaders of the Whistleblow Movement. We also know your other missions as to carry out the prevention and assassination of those senior scientists who just fled from the Wuhan P4 Lab, to Europe and the U.S., who are ready to join the hearing in front of the U.S. Congress, exposing how CCP has been working to perform genetic modification on the special coronavirus, and making biochemical weapons to face up with the U.S. You want to use your oversea propaganda machines to divert the world’s attention to hold the CCP accountable. Your attempts to save CCP will be surely doomed. In the future, there will be many of such scientists from such P4 laboratories coming to the U.S., can you stop all of them?

Will your efforts to paint them as “crazy scientists” work? I don’t think the Americans and the West are that stupid. Our Whistleblow Movement is definitely not only just to expose the top secrets of CCP, we also take various serious actions. We have all kind of top talents in China and the world. We and the U.S. government law enforcement agencies rely on each other’s information and for our mutual benefits, we provide necessary assistance to each other, yet we will never rely on, depend on anyone, any agency, nor be subject to, nor trade with any agency.

Relation with the USA

CIA and FBI have their own strengths, but from 9/11 tragedy and this CCP-Virus pandemic intelligence collection, it is obvious that they also have their own limitations, even worse, they may also have CCP spy inside them. This time, we rely on our own resources to help these senior scientists from the Wuhan P4 laboratory, escaping from China to Europe, the U.S. and other parts of the world, all of which proves that we have unique capabilities and resources to achieve our desired goals.

Trump Re-election

A report from South China Morning Post goes that CCP has no intention to meddle the presidential race of United States, while President Trump starts to take serious consideration of CCP meddling against his election. CNBC, a news media tends to keep silence on CCP, starts to brief “make CCP accountable”. The voice against CCP comes as a volcanic eruption in contrast to petty actions betrayed by fraud from CCP as striking a match. Think about their “China experience in fighting against the plague”, “one-belt-one-road”, the “Made-in- China 2025”, and earlier, the “Great Leap Forward”, what are they now?

Hong Kong

Since last May, the toll resulting from abnormal death in Hong Kong has exceeded 10,000, on which CCP shamelessly claimed it was reasonable. Also, CCP is about to overturn the memberships of some in the Legco in an alleged “legitimate way”. Jimmy Sham, Jimmy Lai, Anson Chan, decent people with conscience throughout Hong Kong have been blackmailed or libeled. What a stone-cold shame for Chinese people.

A storm of blood against CCP is about to come. Members in the Anti-Expose group or Emergency group of CCP, you’d better drop the bloody knives against our battle-buddies, or you won’t be on the list of pardoning when all is over. Everything has already started!

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1 year ago

those group guys raise your white flag, you’ll survival……


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May. 01, 2020