5 HKers, not knowing each other, faced possible accusation of violating the gathering ban

Five Hong Kong citizens, not knowing each other, surrounded by police and faced possible accusation of violating the gathering ban.

In the evening of April 30, at around 20:43 o’clock, in Prince Edward Road West, Large of amount of police surround 5 citizens outside of ParkNShop (a local supermarket).

They were let go around 10 minutes later, but it was not sure whether the citizens were given tickets due to seeming violation of the gathering ban. Yet reporters recorded them not being in one group earlier and could be provided as legal support.

Police set up boundary at McDonald’s across from Pioneer Centre later in Prince Edward.

While at 20:50 o’clock on Lai Chi Kok Road, arguing with a citizen, a cop was heard saying, “Don’t talk to me about 721. I had nothing to do with it!”

Source: RTHK, Real Time News Broadcast

Contributor: GM02

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May. 02, 2020