CCP Coronavirus Pandemic Episode 66, March 30, 2020

Chengguan (Urban management) killed people on the street; someone fell to the ground in front of the government, and no one came forward to deal with it; CCP publicly declared that asymptomatic people were not contagious; countries all awakened, the United States must thoroughly investigate the source of the CCP virus.

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1 year ago

YES,…this is typically a drive arround the lies to get certain mess in a different light:
the knop is called : asymptomatic

stop playing the innocent part and get the TRUTH on the table.
A friend found an article about some tst persons in Wuhan that where inected by injecions and that might had been running out of control,…… there are a bunch of stories all over,…….bu this CCPV is existing longer than just NOV2019,…..DAMMMED ! get that shit straight! NOW.


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