March 29 Updates on CCP Virus Pandemic

• CCP-virus Pandemic is just like the Chernobyl Disaster in 1986, the CCP has to be accountable for it❗️

• Exactly, how many cinerary caskets are there in Wuhan funeral homes? !

• Is it really their “Chinese  Dream” or nightmare that Chinese being collected debts in the epidemic! While in lots of countries, relief checks or stimulus packages are offered instead

By 【上天造·灭疫组】

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1 year ago

People in China mainland need to know the truth of CCPVirus,
Break the firewall !!!

1 year ago

the more I watch, the angrier I am, not only at the CCP, but also at us, because as a Chinese, we didn’t really fight for ourself, for our people, we just sit here and wait for others to come and rescue us, it’s us who let the CCP lives for this long and do nothing. the history is fucking repeating itself in HongKong just like what happened during the Republican period and Tiananmen Square Protests– our students are always killed by our own government for asking freedom for all of us.


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