HK$216 billion provisional funds for police expansion approved without Democrats’ support

On Wednesday (March 24) the Legislative Council voted on a resolution involving HK$215.8 billion which included a provisional fund for the expansion of the police force.

Despite the objection from 24 pro-democracy lawmakers, the funding was passed with 39 votes from the pro-Beijing camp.

The 4 amendments raised by the pro-democracy camp, including cutting budget expense for the Chief Executive officer and the police were all rejected in separate voting.

LegCo Chairman from the pro-Beijing camp, Andrew Leung, insisted on the continuation of the LegCo deliberation on the government budget, turning a blind eye to pro-democracy lawmakers’ request to suspend discussions unrelated to Coronavirus outbreak.

The government and its supporting legislators concerned that the Administration could be disrupted if the provisional fund is not approved. Democratic Chu Hoi-dick rebutted that such a disaster could only be created by Lam Administration.

Source: Apple Daily

Contributor: GM02

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