CCP’s automotive industry slips into a cold winter

Translator: Lily

In February 2020, the national passenger car market retailed 255,000 units, a year-on-year decrease of 78.7% Compared with February 2019 due to the Spring Festival, the year-on-year decrease of 19%, and the cumulative retail sales in January-February decreased 41.0% , The comprehensive factors of the epidemic situation and the economic recession have been fully reflected.

Passenger car production in February was 209,000 units, a decrease of 81.2% year-on-year in February 2019; cumulative production of 1.603 million units in the January-February period, a year-on-year decrease of 47.9%.

In February, the total sales volume of new energy passenger cars was 15,000 units, a year-on-year decrease of 69.6% and a month-on-month decrease of 70%. Among them, plug-in hybrid sales were 22,000 units, a year-on-year decrease of 84%. Wholesale sales of pure electric vehicles were 0.9 thousand units, a year-on-year decrease of 76%. In February, joint ventures and wholly-owned new energy performed well and became an important force in the new energy vehicle market. In February, 22,000 ordinary hybrid passenger cars were sold, a decrease of 80% from February last year. On March 4, SAIC supplier Shanghai Huizhong signed a supplementary agreement with employees at the end of February to reduce pay by 22.2% from March 2020.

Then, the salary adjustment plan of SAIC Chase was exposed online, showing that the original monthly salary will be split into 65% of the basic salary and 35% bonus, and the corresponding monthly bonus of different levels will be adjusted according to a specific ratio. The final result is on the original salary level. Reductions range from 5% to 20%.

Both the data and the examples can accurately say that the automotive industry has entered the cold winter months. The fall of the automotive industry will inevitably lead to the closure of the energy industry and the processing of auto parts and other industries. A recent rough analysis of several key areas of the people’s livelihood of CCP has fully determined that the CCP’s economic crisis has come. It is the kingship to survive in the crisis period. Don’t invest lightly, the current investment opportunities are often tied to traps, and accidentally will be broken. Save your strength and endure loneliness. After living in winter, opportunities will inevitably favor those who are prepared.


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Mar. 29, 2020