Tribute to Hong Kong

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On June 9, 2019, the Anti-Extradition Law protest began in Hong Kong. At that time, few people would have thought that the HongKongers had created a vigorous revolution of our time. One weekend after another, one month after another, the HongKongers, with their will, determination, courage, and tenacity, wrote epic legends of three big words in heaven and earth, “HongKongers.” Today’s HongKongers, who have experienced the baptism of blood and pain, the threat of life and death, the cycle of prosperity and instability, have become those who are on a mission, and those who will change the world and rewrite history.

Nine months have passed. Time after time, we are moved, touched, proud, and worried. Keep praying and shouting. Never have we felt that our hearts and the Hong Kong compatriots are connected so close together. Years later, we will look back on this history and see how lucky we were to be able to support and stand by our compatriots in Hong Kong to suffer together, to hold together, to light hope together, and to fight together until victory!

Over nine months, we have seen courage and faith from HongKongers. In the face of the claws of the Red Dragon, tyrannical governments, and vicious mafia, tHongKongers have not backed up. Even with the rubber bullets whizzing in the air, tear-gas blinding their eyes, riot police unleashing their cruelty, the young protestors were brutalized, the HongKongers did not back down. The beautiful young girl lost her bright eyes. Anytime the female bodies could be shamelessly defiled by the devils. Fellow protestors turned into cold corpses. The body of rebels was hung naked on a branch. The HongKongers still did not flinch. From 10-year-old children to 80-year-old seniors, from teenage girls to white-haired lady, HongKongers did not hesitate; they raised their proud heads longing to live like a human being to pursue human rights and freedom. Their faith in democracy, liberty, and the rule of law gave them the courage to be fearless. Their fears had been transmitted to the determination of pursuing human rights and freedom.

Over nine months, we witnessed unity and love from HongKongers. We saw the white-haired old man walking to guard and protect the children, saw the emergency responder carrying first aid equipment in tears, and said, “Beat me, let me save him.” We saw the fresh middle school students holding hands making their own Great Wall, saw the elderly President of Wales Hospital kneeling in front of his colleagues for protesting the police abuse. So many teachers from universities, middle schools, and elementary schools walked against the storm in the street to protect the next generation. We saw the changes and bills left in the subway station. The young girl cried and said, “I can’t go. I have to be with you. I’m afraid of not seeing you again.” All the pictures flashed, and we saw how united a group of HongKongers was! What a noble soul! Look what a shining light of humanity of HongKongers have, who have grown up in a country ruled by freedom and the rule of law. It just reflected the indifference, selfishness, and deprivation of the Hong Kong authority who have colluded with the Chinese Communist dictatorship.

Over nine months, we saw wisdom and talent from HongKongers. In the struggle against the dictatorship of the CCP, the Communist Party of Hong Kong, the evil police, and the mafia, HongKongers have never given up, and they changed the ways of protest tactfully. From mass gatherings to spreading everywhere, then scattering everywhere to mass gatherings. From the Central City to Victoria Park, Victoria Park to the airport, parade to the strike, strike to the shopping, jogging to praying, from the Liannong Wall to the hand-in-hand wall walking street to the late street shouting. From creative posters to the song “May the glory to Hong Kong”; from the British union flag to the United States flag, the national fight in Hong Kong to appealing the international community……The flexibility, wisdom, and resilience of the HongKongers throughout the protest were breathtaking. In the Hong Kong movement, Jimmy Lai’s persistence, Anson Chan’s dignity, the deafening Declaration Of The Yihai, the speech in the United Nations of Denise Ho,the gentle and painful “To Compatriots In Mainland.” We are so proud of you! The talents, ideals, and goals you have pursued, had become a benchmark of the Chinese people. You demonstrated to the world clearly that how great the Chinese would be!

Over nine months, we have seen understanding and forgiveness from HongKongers. Under the continuous brainwash and the cyber block of the media in the mainland, many compatriots in the mainland were accusing HongKongers of violence, some sneering, and some of them watching indifferently. But the letter written by Hong Kong young people to the mainland compatriots, made us admired and touched. “We’ve always been blood-tied. We’ve ever watched each other. Totalitarian politics are twisting and cutting off our brotherhood. ” HongKongers understand us, understand our suffering of the tyranny. And we believe that one day we will be free of the chains that bind our minds, follow your path, like a real person……Perhaps when Jesus was tortured on the cross, he looked mercifully at the livings, the kind of sympathy and the spirit of sacrifice were so engraved, as our compatriots in Hong Kong looking at us. Thank you for your understanding, forgiveness, your support, and your sincere love.

HongKongers are pursuing human rights and practicing their values, seeking their ideal life, and defending their beautiful land. They have resolutely, determinedly, firmly and bravely stood up and said no to arrogant and vicious centralized politics. Actually, we know that your actions are not only for you but also for us, for us to against the power and fight for our freedom. Today, some people vilified you as thugs, but Mr. Bannon said, “You are against the power just like the founding fathers of the United States back to 200 years ago. You will not give in; you take actions, You blew the horn of freedom, fired the first shot at Lexington, this deafening sound will arouse the strong resonance of the Chinese people.” You are the vanguard. We, under your guidance, will overcome fear, never to be slaves, bravely pursuit the liberation of the whole Chinese nation!

HongKongers are seeking the support of the world in this desperate struggle of disparity. We know that your actions are also for the world. You yearn for freedom, the rule of law, the dignity of life, and you defend shared values. Communist totalitarianism is despicable, low-level, and brutal. However, they deceived the world under the veil of globalization, and win-win cooperation Not only under BGY corrosions to draw the world, but also secretly use force and technology against the world’s advanced civilizations. This world, ” No man is an island entire of itself;every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;” “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.” Your tenacious actions have awakened the international community seeing the evil face of the dictatorship. Your peaceful and rational expression has made the world see the ruthlessness of tyranny. Time after time, your fearless and unforgiving struggles have made the world see the great significance of such efforts to humanity. The world is moved by you, awakened by you, and salute to you!

Tribute to Hong Kong!

You are not afraid of life and death, only for the pursuit of human dignity!

You are determined to pursue the fruits of democracy and freedom for your life!

You take blood as ink to write the gorgeous beauty of universal values!

You are the thorn birds that dance in the fire, and you are the cuckoos sound in blood. Even if you need to exhaust all your strength, you need to show the devil justice and dignity!

Nine months have passed. At this time, people around the world are quarantined at home in fear of the outbreak of epidemic, blood is still flowing in the streets of Hong Kong, and the people of Hong Kong are still fighting. In his speech, Mr. Miles Kwok said with a deep feeling that the HongKongers are our heroes and our saints, and Hong Kong in the future will be the new Jerusalem.

To the heroes of Hong Kong, in the days of this epidemic, we pray for you; may God bless you, we wish you can be safe and healthy. When we realize the dreams of Himalayas, we hope we can cheer together and celebrate together. We hope we can breathe the air of freedom together!

May the Hong Kong rebirths of the phoenix! Oriental Pearl reborn in glory!

We will definitely win and win much!

Everything has begun!

(Note: First released on October 1, 2019, National Day; revised on March 28, 2020)

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