HongKong chronicles: What had happened in Hong Kong on the 27th in the past 9 months?

HongKong chronicles: Let’s review what had happened in Hong Kong on the 27th in the past 9 months.

27 June, 2019: Protesters encircled Justice Place calling for withdrawal of the Extradition Bill.

27 July, 2019: Citizens initiated a march in Yuen Long in protest of the suspected Police-Triad collusion in the 7.21 Attack.

During the march, police fired numerous tear gas canisters, fuming elderly home and residences in the district.

Contrary to the police inaction toward the 7.21 triad attack, the police rounded up and attacked civilians at Yuen Long West Rail station after the march on 27 July. The police behavior reminds many of the brutal scenes on 21 July.

September 27, 2019: Arrestees who were physically and sexually violated by the police at San Uk Ling Holding Centre gave their testimony in public. Citizens filled Edinburgh Place to root for the victims and protest against police brutality.

27 October, 2019: A rally took place in Tsim Sha Tsui, with an aim to show solidarity with journalists and demand probing police brutality Investigate Police Brutality.

27 November, 2019: Police sieged and attacked the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (#PolyU) for consecutive days. Police called all civilians trapped inside the campus, including students, teaching staff and others, “rioters”.

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1 year ago

Does nobody in a country of 1.5 billion people have access to weapons or explosives? How hard is it to remove the leadership?

1 year ago
Reply to  ccp.must.die

My thoughts exactly.


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