COVID-19: where are N95 masks? CCP wears it under another mask

Many Chinese doctors and nurses were infected with COVID-19 due to a lack of protections like quality masks. There is also a global shortage of N95 masks manufactured by 3M. Ironically, N95 masks have become a “status symbol” in China, because only the rich and powerful can wear them.

Frontline doctors were making masks for themselves:

N95 mask:

The Chinese people were furious when they compare the quality of the masks worn by the doctors (left) and the Chinese officials (right):

The Chinese Communist Party always puts its interest first. Every level of the government hoards masks to protect their own lives.

The ones on the right are Chinese officials wearing high-quality masks like N95 in this picture:

After the public’s outrage about the “inequalities” in the mask distribution, some officials stopped “showing off” their masks in public. And the government starts to ‘regulate’ masks saying that N95 should be reserved for people with high exposure to COVID-19.

But recently, the Chinese Netizens spotted a government official wearing a 3M N95 underneath another mask (the one circled in red):

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Feb. 28, 2020