Brother Rain Interprets CCP’s front page news—People’s Daily February 27th 2020

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1)Making public donation is a clumsy trick of CCP Kleptocrats ! 2) Forcing people back to work shall put their lives at risk. 3)The CCP Kleptocrats have launched its unrestricted warfare against industrial democracies using COVID-19 as the “Assassin’s Mace”. 

Meeting of Standing Committee of Politburo of the CCP Central Committee

  • Analyze the situation of COVID-19
  • Research on recent key tasks of epidemic prevention and control 

The following is the full translation of this article.

1.Standing Committee of the Politburo of the CCP Central Committee held a meeting on February 26. The Committee listened to report of Central Committee leading group on prevention and control of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), analyzed the epidemic situation and studied the recent deployment on the work of epidemic prevention and control. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CCP Central Committee, presided over the meeting and delivered an important speech. In response to CCP Central committee’s summon to all Party members, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Li Zhanshu,Wang Yang, Wang Huning, Zhao Leji, comrade Han Zheng made donations to support  the work of COVID-19 prevention and control. 

「Comments」 Disgusting propaganda come again! It is clear to the entire world that COVID-19 is a CCP-made-bio-weapon. CCP’s institutional advantage of “being able to concentrate efforts on major tasks” got smacked in its own face in dealing with this CCP-made-humanitarian crisis. Here is something even more hilarious: the CCP leaders still believe that by making these donations publicly shall improve CCP’s popularity and even save the Party. However, couples of weeks before, also reported by People’s Daily, the same CCP leaders, they were expressing their concerns and condolences in front of the media and competing for good impressions among the Chinese people. How clumsy are these tricks. Without doubt, China under CCP’s rule has fallen even deeper into Tacitus Trap, the Chinese government has lost its credibility among people. Enlightened by the Exposé Revolution, the Chinese people can now easily discern clumsy tricks played by the CCP leaders; that is why their gesture politics shall definitely cause backlashes and spark fury among the Chinese people. 

By the way, the CCP leaders are enormously rich, they made their fortune by ruthlessly exploiting the hard-working Chinese people. More ironically, the CCP’s donation system is notoriously corrupted with no transparency and no supervision, it is highly possible that even their donations shall end up going into the pockets of those corrupted lover-level officials. 

2. Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the meeting and pointed out that positive trend in preventing and controlling the epidemic is expanding and economic and social development is rapidly recovering, but the situation in Hubei Province and the city of Wuhan remains complex and grim, and the risk of a rebound of the epidemic in other regions can not be ignored. At this critical time, it is imperative to strengthen the correct guidance and push all aspects to coordinate their thoughts and actions with the decision-making of the CCP Central Committee, therefore, it is important to make unremitting epidemic containment efforts and accelerate all aspects of work in economic and social development. Party committees and governments at all levels should coordinate their efforts and accurately grasp the epidemic as well as economic and social development situations to ensure winning the people’s war against the epidemic and achieving the goals of building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects and poverty alleviation. 

「Comments」It is highly doubtful wether or not the situation in China is under control. So far, COVID-19 has spread to many other countries where infection cases have spiked (according to Miles Guo, final orders have been sent out to ambassadors and consuls requesting them to spread this virus all across the world); meanwhile, seniors leaders in Beijing and the PLA were also infected by COVID-19, the incoming pollen season may even accelerate the spread of this CCP-made-virus. 

However, the CCP Kleptocrats continue to cover up the true number of COVID-19 related death and infection and use fabricated numbers to create an illusion that the virus is already under CCP’s control, therefore, “it is time to go back to work”. According to Miles Guo, more than 20,000 police forces have secretly deployed in Hubei, why are they here? Let us make a bold assumption: The CCP Kleptocrats are afraid of the possible economic crisis due to the outbreak of COVID-19, that is why they intend to use policemen to force people back to work; if people refuse to do so, they will be punished and even arrested. Is that part of the plan “securing the safety of Beijing and Shanghai at the cost of abandoning Hubei”? According the temporary guidance published by the Russian Ministry of Heath, reinfection of COVID-19 is highly possible; meanwhile reinfection cases have already been reported. Under these severe circumstances, forcing people back to work shall definitely cause more infections, the CCP is now putting millions of people’s life at risk! However, following the mindset of the CCP Kleptocrats, “the Chinese people can die, but they are not allowed to stop working for us”! Evil CCP Kleptocrats! 

3.The meeting stressed the that efforts and resources shall continue to be concentrated to comprehensively strengthen the work of epidemic prevention and control in Hubei and Wuhan. To consolidate the achievements of infection cases identification and patients treatment, sources of infection shall be contained while routes of transmission shall be cut off. 

4.To consolidate the foundation for infection cases identification and the work for epidemic control and prevention, the meeting also demanded that more party cadres be assigned to support the work for epidemic control and prevention at community-level while people’s enthusiasm for self-management and service shall be fully mobilized. The meeting also called for the speed-up of the work to improve the epidemic prevention and community services in the old districts while supply on basic necessities ought to be secured, work on political and ideological building of the people and work on psychological counseling should be strengthened.  

5.The meeting also stressed the necessity to strengthen the treatment of severely ill patients, promote the collaboration of high-level teams and joint research of multi-disciplinary experts to make breakthroughs, give full play to the role of professional treatment of critically ill patients, improve the accuracy and effectiveness of severe treatment, and strive to reduce the mortality rate. 

6.The meeting called for efforts to save and cure more patients that are severely ill and attend to patients with mild symptoms in a timely manner, as well as prompt efforts to equip frontline medical workers with protective gear that is in urgent need. 

7.The meeting also pointed out that prevention and control work in Beijing and other key provincial-level regions should be strengthened to resolutely block any possible source of infection.

8.The meeting pointed out that protection measures for special venues such as the elderly care, childcare and mental health facilities where vulnerable groups of people are housed in enclosed premises should be reinforced; the meeting also demanded that protection should also be strengthened for people who work on the front line to battle the epidemic, those who have direct contact with medical waste, and those who provide service in enclosed premises. 

「Comments」 Couple of days ago, Mile Guo said in his video that so far at least 4 million people were infected and around 200,000 to 250,000 people shall die from this CCP-made-bio-weapon. Up until now, Hubei Province has been completely sealed off for more than one month. It is highly possible that the blockade shall continue. The governmental and political functions have now been transferred to the hands of community administrators, all aspects of the lives of people are now dominated by community administrators composed of party cadres, party members, policemen, community workers and securities hired by CCP. With more stringent measures taken to restrict and monitor people’s moving even outside their apartments, life is getting more difficult: residents have started to complain for lack of fresh vegetables and other basic necessities while miserable stories on the death of the most vulnerable people due to lack of proper protection continues to spread over the internet. It is highly possible that a severe humanitarian crisis shall break out. 

However, it seems that the CCP Kleptocrats already have a plan (or maybe it is part of the plan of “securing Beijing and Shanghai at the cost of abandoning Hubei”): they have appointed Sun Lijun, a notorious thug for committing various crimes to Chinese people, to take over the work of epidemic control and prevention in Hubei province. According to Miles Guo, “wherever Sun Lijun appears, the truth disappears”; with 87 crematoria (40 mobile crematoria were installed recently upon Su Lijun’s request) in Wuhan being set into full motion, even if such a tragedy ever happens, the truth may never be heard! But we must stop him, we can not let this happen! 

9.The meeting also stressed that resumption of work and production should be carried out in a targeted, steady and safe manner. The  Party committees and governments at all levels should do careful and solid work in order to support the resumption of work production, the restoration and stabilization of employment, the smooth flow of traffic and transportation, and the guarantee of the supply of the market. Infection cases emerged during the period of resumption of work and production should be mitigated in a scientific and precise manner. Governmental services facilitating resumption of work and production should be improved while unreasonable approval processes ought to be cancelled. Policies benefiting enterprises should be swiftly and faithfully implemented while special columns on E-government platforms should be established to ensure that the these policies can be easily understood by entrepreneurs. Experiences should also be summarized meanwhile good polices should be standardized and institutionalized. 

「Comments」 See, the CCP is doing whatever it can to “lure” people back to work meanwhile adopting favorable policies to help enterprises overcome the impending economic crisis; however, with the entire world losing confidence in China under CCP’s development model, those temporary measures will not take any effects. The underlying reasons include CCP’s failed social economic policy since 18th Party Congress, its attempt to re-nationalize China’s private sectors through “mixed-ownership” and the deterioration of Sino-US relations provoked by its aggressive global expansion. That is why foreign companies are moving away their industrial chains; that is why foreign direct investment into China under CCP’s rule have substantially diminished. The economic harding-landing will soon come, the CCP’s days are numbered! 

10.Strengthening international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control is an important manifestation of our country’s role as a responsible power and our country’s efforts in building the community of shared future for mankind. It is highlighted that we should continue to work closely with the World Health Organization, communicate closely with relevant countries, share our experience in epidemic prevention and control, coordinate measures on epidemic control and prevention, strengthen external propaganda and public diplomacy, and jointly maintain regional and world public health security. 

11.The meeting have also discussed other issues. 

「Comments」  Ever since the outbreak of this virus, the CCP repeatedly refused international assistance and is unwilling to share the most accurate information on COVID-19 with WHO; on the drastic contrary, the CCP has being doing everything it can to divert our attentions and cover up the truth: at the very beginning, it has been silencing whistleblowers by sending them into jails; with the outbreak of this virus and the chaos that came after, it has been setting the propaganda machinery into full motion to exalt its “effective measures in containing virus” and bolster its evil plan of “securing Beijing and Shanghai at the cost of abandoning Hubei”; later on, it has been testing various medicines on infected patients and therefore putting their lives at risk. With Su Lijun’s arrival in Hubei, the CCP started to fabricate infection cases to praise its achievements in controlling the spread of this virus. This time, more ironically, the CCP Kleptocrats are more than happy to export its self-boasted “accomplishments in combating COVID-19” to other countries suffering from the outbreak of this virus. What an unscrupulous organization! However, whatever it does, the truth about COVID-19 will not change: it is a bio-weapon made by Guo Deying under Wang Qishan’s command! Influenced by Exposé Revolution, people now have a better understanding of CCP’s unrestricted warfare against industrial democracies, COVID-19 is probably one of CCP’s “Assassin’s Mace”. However, the CCP will definitely be extinguished! Justice will prevail over evil! 

Author: GM34 Brother Rain

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