Miles Guo solves the mystery of COVID-19 among China’s top leaders

Miles Guo provided updates on Feb 27 in the middle of his busy schedule dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

The worsening situation in Heilongjiang Province

As Mile Guo predicted three weeks ago at a meeting with some foreign government officials, China’s northmost province Heilongjiang became another epicenter of COVID-19 for these reasons:

  • demographic structure
  • A large number of migrant workers (due to its declining industries and economy)
  • local officials’ corruption and bureaucracy would lead to an inevitable massive outbreak

Beijing is even worse than Wuhan/Hubei in terms of the quick spread COVID-19

Weeks ago, Mr. Guo already foresaw that the COVID-19 severity in Beijing would surpass that in Wuhan and Hubei.

It started at a mysterious place called Xishan (West Mountains), a military base and contingency command center located west of Beijing critical to the army as well as the Chinese Communist regime. The military complex consists of West Mountain (Xishan), Yuquan Mountain (Yuquanshan), Phenix Mountain (Fenghuangshan) and Badachu, Xiangshan Artillery Division.

A picture of a popular restaurant called “Xiang E Qing”, a high-end restaurant franchise frequented by military officials. The word “E” in the middle of the restaurant name means Hubei.

What each place in the complex has in common is that there are Hubei restaurants managed by people from Hubei. In addition, many Hubei civilians have established business ties with the military at the complex over the years.

The cover-ups of the viral outbreak backfires on the CCP quickly as many people at these divisions and locations came down with the virus brought back from Hubei Province. It eventually led to an infection of a senior leader who left Beijing to seek refuge in the Xishan area.

To make matters worse, the virus has also been spread to other important government divisions at Xishan (West Mountains) such as China’s Center for Cybersecurity, Center for Information Technology, China’s base for satellites, and the center for satellite research and launch programs.

COVID-19 will spread in the US during the flu season

Miles cautioned people about the next outbreak as we enter the flu season. Sneezes will further spread the virus in many countries like the U.S.

All COVID-19 related numbers coming out of China are fake

Miles invited the CCP to sue him for his accusations of their fake numbers. The information he gathered has shown devastating infections in China.

If people want to prove or disprove the numbers from China, the burden of proof is on the CCP.

The quick spread of COVID-19 in Italy and Iran is a true depiction of the pandemic.

According to Miles’ friend from Shenzhen, there are many secret quarantine centers there to hide the infected people coming from Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Is Wang Qishan infected?

It was rumored that Wang Qishan, the vice president of China, was infected with COVID-19. But he made an appearance during his meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia.

We will soon find out which CCP senior leader is infected with COVID-19.

Miles Guo’s advice

The worst is yet to come for COVID-19 pandemic.

The CCP will collapse quickly, but some of the prerequisites are:

  • The COVID-19 infections of a members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee.
  • The closure of Stock Exchanges at Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenzhen

Protect yourself, because the virus will not be stopped easily even with vaccines and medicins.

The Chinese people should stock up on food and should not go back to work.

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Feb. 27, 2020