Zhong Nanshan: the epidemic first appeared in China, but it doesn’t mean it originated from China

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On Feb. 27,2020, the municipal government of Guangzhou held a press conference at the Guangzhou Medical Science University regarding epidemic prevention and transmission. Zhong Nanshan, a senior national health and protection team leader and the director of national research center for clinical respiratory disease research, claimed that

as for predicting the epidemic, we first thought about China, we didn’t think about foreign countries, something is happening right now in foreign countries, the epidemic first appeared in China, but that does not mean it originated from China.

Origin: China News
Original Title: Zhong Nanshan: the epidemic first appeared in China, but it doesn’t mean it originated from China

For those you don’t know about Zhong Nanshan who is the top gun in China for respiratory-related diseases, he was also the hero doctor during the SARS outbreak in 2003, whose treatment saved a lot of people. But after SARS he walked away from the frontline, and dedicated himself to “research”, however, it appears that his research did not generate a lot of results, given that China did not invent any new effective respiratory drugs that claimed a single global medical patent.

Recently, he pretty much became the mouthpiece of the CCP. For example, just last week, he came out and claimed that the coronavirus outbreak would reach its turning point at the end of February, however, not only the turning point is not here, the number of infected cases in Mainland China continues to increase (now over 80,000 based on government data), and Italy became the epidemic center of Europe, and the coronavirus is spreading rapidly on the European continent.

China knows the coronavirus is the biggest challenging now faced by the CCP since the PRC’s founding 70 years ago, and the CCP knows that they are facing serious criticism both internally and externally. Now, they are trying to swift some attention away from themselves, to save face. But in reality, no one will buy these lies anymore, especially in the international community. After this pandemic is over, there is no escape for the CCP, they will answer for their crimes.

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1 year ago

Truthful lips endure forever,
but a lying tongue lasts only a moment. Prov. 12:19


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