China COVID-19: crowded scene at work; over $100/day quarantine fee

The Chinese government is forcing workers to return to work. Crowded scenes were seen in many places causing great concerns for more COVID-19 infections. Some migrant workers are charged $1400 dollar worth of quarantine fee while jobs are scarce.

Migrant workers are charged 800 Yuan per day (over $100 US Dollar) for a 14-day quarantine

Migrant workers returning to cities as “renters” are forced to enter 14-day quarantine for 800 yuan per day.

The total cost of quarantine is 800 X 14 = 11,200 Chinese yuan, which is about $1400 US dollar.

The notice above asks all landlords in an undisclosed city to report renters to the government so that migrant workers can be put into 14-day quarantine for 800 Yuan per day.

The government in Kaihua country forces all migrant workers coming from Hubei, Wenzhou, Taizhou, and Shangrao to enter 14-day mandatory quarantine for 800 yuan per day.

Longyou Country mandates 14-day quarantine for 1000 yuan per day for people coming from the epicenter.

The city of Shaoxing was expelling migrant workers and mandating 14-day quarantine for 800 yuan per day for those who refused to leave.

This video shows that migrant workers were stranded in a place in Shanghai due to lack of jobs

The voice in the video says: “Look. These are factories in Shanghai. It is a trap. There is no way to get back to work. With money and masks all used up, we cannot return home. Please don’t come to Shanghai.”

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Feb. 26, 2020