The patients who were discharged from Wuhan Pneumonia shivered: Body was wrapped in four layers of bags before they were out of breath and they were directly cremated alive!

A woman who was discharged from the hospital said: A patient who lived next door to her was pulled out alive and cremated.I saw it with my own eyes.I was bed No.18, and he was No.17.He went there in the morning on 28th.When he tied up his head,his feet were still moving ,his feet  and hands were still moving, tied up his feet and hands.After tied up, he used a black plastic bag to wrap his body.Just wrapping like that.Then just zipped the bag.Then wrapped another bag. To cremate  alive?Has been cremated already. I tell you, They were sacred of being caught breaking the law. We saw several…. old man like this .He was still alive,  breathing , but cremated! Several like this.Yeah, we saw it. A few of us in the hospital saw it with our own eyes. It’s really sad! My god, it’s too cruel! A living man, should save him! But no rescue, no rescue. “No medicine, only can rely on oxygen , how to save”, (the hospital ) said like that.


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