COVID-19 illusion: China’s seven priorities in combating the epidemic

The Chinese government laid out seven priorities at a key meeting on Sunday for prevention and control of the novel coronavirus epidemic. This is just an illusion to maintain stability, the Chinese Communist Party kleptocrats are covering up the severity of COVID-19 in order to buy time to save their own lives at all costs.

China state media “China Daily”: seven priorities for prevention and control of the novel coronavirus epidemic

  1. Hubei province, as well as its capital city Wuhan, should be safeguarded with resolute effort, with great attention paid to containing the spread in communities and treating patients.

2. Epidemic prevention and control work in Beijing should be carried out with all-out effort. Both imported cases and spread within the city should be prevented.

3. Medical resources and key supplies should be allocated in a scientific manner, providing more protection for medical workers.

4. Scientific research should be accelerated in terms of drug and vaccine development. Effective diagnosis and treatment plans should be summarized and promoted in time.

5. International and regional cooperation should be expanded. Good communication with the World Health Organization and experience sharing with relevant countries should be continued.

6. Public communication through the news media should be more effective. The release of epidemic information should be improved.

7. Social stability should be safeguarded. Illegal activities disturbing medical treatment, epidemic prevention, and market and social order should be severely punished.

What is the Chinese Communist Party really doing?

Yahoo reported that the Chinese kleptocrats are preparing for doomsday:

Miles Guo said during one of his live broadcasts that the CCP decided to spread COVID-19 to the world on purpose because:

  • the CCP was originally created the virus for the U.S.
  • the virus was unleashed to target Hong Kong under the assumption that the virus was controllable for precision strikes
  • once the virus is out of control, the CCP decided to spread it to the world to achieve its original purpose
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Feb. 24, 2020