The Farm: The Devil’s Thug, Sun Lijun

Original article submitted by GM33: Wuhan Memorabilia : Miles Guo’ Broadcast Points.

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On February 20, 2020 Miles Guo Once Again Reminded Compatriots that February 29th Would Be a Turning Point, and [is] Reiterating to Stay at Home!

Miles Guo said “Here comes Sun Lijun who is the Devil’s thug. He is now in Wuhan, wearing a black mask. Look, he’s wearing a black mask, not a white one, not even N95 mask. This is the N99 black mask, which is the type of mask that Miles wore. One thing is for sure, wherever Sun Lijun appears, there would be a hell-like disaster! Now you can see, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun, Wu Zheng, and Yang Jiechi, once all these people started to come out, and big disasters could be expected!”

“The CCP requested to resume work on February 29th. And this decision was made along before yesterday, or the day before yesterday. You will see more internal information in the future!”

Miles Guo said “Stories behind the Thunderbolt Mountain Hospital, Thunder God Mountain Hospital, Vulcan Mountain Hospital, and Thunderbolt Pavilion which is also called P4 Laboratory, as well as the Thunderbolt Monument which is also known as the P4 Virus Lab where the Coronavirus was from. And yet, people are asked to resume work. Yes, as far as the CCP is concerned, you are dispensable, your whole family are dispensable, but you must return to work and generate revenue for the CCP.”

First P4 Lab is now formally launched (in China). This Lab will provide our country (China) with a comprehensive and world leading bio-safety system. The Chinese scientific researcher will be able to study the world’s most dangerous pathogens in our own lab. Information source:

On February 19, 2020, Mr. Miles Guo Participated in the 20th Episode of Mr. Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

Miles Guo said “There are about 16 million people under quarantine in Hubei Province. There are about 11 million people under quarantine in the entire Wuhan City. About 80% of China’s geographic areas are either under quarantine or locked down, and over 1 billion people in China are under quarantine or locked off. These are the truth! Now they (the CCP) are saying about only 70 thousand people [have been] infected. This is not the truth! I (Miles) think there are more than four million people who are infected.”

“I (Miles) have known her (referring to Sun Chunlan) over 25 years. She is an outstanding politician. She is a typical CCP member, another word, just a liar. She would always give good promises, which would never be fulfilled. In fact, it is impossible for them to commit! You could see how they (the CCP’s police) patrolling on the street and visiting from house to house, but they were not there to help people. All they do is to lock your doors, seal your gates, or to arrest you.”

Mr. Bannon: Is she (Major Chen Wei) the initiator and expert of the biochemical weapons throughout China?

Miles Guo: Yes, that’s why it was she who solved the SARS issue in China in 2003.
Mr. Bannon: So she’s the one who solved the SARS issue in China.
Miles Guo: And she is very close to Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping.

On February 18, 2020, Mr. Miles Guo Reminded Compatriots “February 29th Would Be a Turning Point, So Don’t Return to Work, and Hide in Mountain (if Possible)”

Miles Guo said “All these ambassadors and consuls, and sponsors of all BGY (hacking, bribing & sex) tactics have started to take action. They have received the final order from their boss (the CCP): transfer the battlefield abroad at all costs. All the professors from various universities and colleges, and from all fields including biology, medical, scientific circles, magazine circles, media circles, and press circles would also take action.

Exclusive: Guo Deyin explained why there’s a need to change the name of neocoronavirus, and claimed that the current name is misleading.

February 20, 2020 at 12:47 – Source: Finance New Network

Chinese experts including Gao Fu, Shi Zhengli and others suggested to change the neocronavirus’ name into “HCoV-19”. Guo Deyin, the director of Zhongshan Medical Hospital claimed that all currently used names are just suggested names, so it’s not name changing. The Chinese experts appealed that a proper name for this neocononavirus is for academic purposes, and is for the benefits of the country.

Miles Guo said “Who is responsible for all the security guards and the protection measures at the P4 Lab? It’s the Ministry of General Staff Security. Have anyone talked about this? Why could private investors who had all the international connections invested in the construction of this CCP’s mysterious Lab that cost as a total of six billion US dollars? While having foreigners as their consultants, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Military Engineering joined in the design works that were completed copied from the West.”

Discoveries of the P4 Lab:

Members of the Foundation:
Jack Ma
Ma Huateng
Zhang Yaqin of Baidu
Ding Lei
Xinlang’s Wang Yan
Hong Huang (never heard of this guy)
Civil Engineer, Wang Shu
He Chaoqun, the daughter of King of Macao’s Casino
Zhang Xin of SOHO
Chen Chuang of China Everbright Bank
Jean-Paul Agon of L’Oréal
Jack Antel
Patlisha Barbizon of Pinault-Printemps-Redoute
Former France Premier, Bills??
French movie director, Jean-Jacques Beineix??

Miles Guo said “This virus was manmade, and was released out, whether it was intentional or unintentional, and who did it? If it was unintentional, why would Jiang Chaoliang of Hubei, and Guodeyin and Shen Zhengli deny it? But as early as January 6th, several Leaders’ Lounges in Wuhan City and Fancheng City in Hubei, including the Research Institute and Military Factories of Fancheng were already under a state of quasi-martial law.”

The 2019 Neocoronavirus is a nature’s punishment to the uncivilized lifestyle of mankind. I, Shan Zhengli can guarantee with my life that this virus has nothing to do with our lab. At the same time, I would like to retweet this self-contradictory news: The Indian expert had already withdrawn his article on neocoronavirus: He said: “It was not our intention to feed into the conspiracy theories… we appreciate the criticisms… and will get back with a revised version.”

“Mr. Guo Deyin, Dean of the Medical College of Zhongshan University, also told the China Science News that, “Conspiracy theory never needs any evidence, but science needs evidence.” At present, the evolutionary analysis of viruses based on genomic sequences provides strong evidence to prove that the virus was originated in nature, which is enough to break the rumors about artificial synthesis.”

Miles Guo said “As early as December 27th, all the institutes had started checking their people’s temperature, even including several troops that are close to Shanghai – they had also started checking people’s temperature there – you can go and check it out, and had started limiting Hubei people to enter. Between January 4th and 8th, they had added many military outposts near many military installations in Wuhan, Hubei, and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.”

Miles Guo said “Only the ordinary people in Wuhan, Hubei were not informed, and were encouraged to participate in 10 thousand people festivals, and to hold conferences. And they were told that this disease is preventable, curable, and controllable, and is not even infectious between humans.”

[Wuhan SARS continued spreading, and yet many communities in Wuhan were conducting festivals with 10,000 participants. Wuhan Mayor what’s your response to that…]

Miles Guo said “Why is it in Wuhan Hubei, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, as well as all the military districts, and military academies, especially the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, they had stored over 2 million masks? You could go to investigate and I’m sure it would be leaked out soon or later. Where did all these masks go? You could also check when was the time when the private jets flew the most from Wuhan to overseas.”

Miles Guo said “Wuhan is the back yard of Shanghai. Why do we say that there’s the intention to have some people killed, and to sacrifice certain people? And they have started to control the internet as early as early January. Reason to control the internet is to prevent people from knowing the truth, in order to achieve the purpose of spreading the virus and to achieve the goal of killing people. That’s why they would not allow Dr. Li Wenliang and Dr. Xie to speak the truth. Remember, all these 8 people were arrested by the local police under the order to Ministry of Public Security instead of the Hubei Provincial Party. Why did the people from the Ministry of Public Security order to arrest these 8 people, to silence their voices, and as a result, we missed the first three crucial weeks?”

Weibo Text: (January 1, 17:38)

The eight rumor mongers were charged according to the law] Recently our City’s medical institutes received many Pneumonia cases. As the City’s Health Committee, we hereby make this notice: Some netizens published and forwarded certain information without verifying and resulted in negative social impact, and upon the investigation of Public Security, these 8 rumor mongers had been charged. The Police would like to remind everyone that the internet is also under legal jurisdiction. Any information and messages published on the internet has to comply with the rules and regulations. Any actions such as fabricating information, spreading rumors, and disturbing the social orders would be punished without mercy according to the law. It is expected that all netizens would comply with relevant laws, and not fabricating information, not believing the rumors, not spreading the rumors in order to maintain a harmonious and clean internet environment.

On February 12, 2020, Guo Said “ The Consequences of Obeying CCP Means Rushing towards Death”

Miles Guo said “Yesterday there were reports about 500 doctors and nurses had died in Wuhan, which shocked the whole of Washington D.C. I told them the real number is not just 500, I said that even if you add another zero at the end, it would not even reach the real number. Many of our brothers-in-arms’ family members are doctors, and many of their family members had been killed by the virus.

Miles Guo said “Right now, we are watching from outside at how horrific it’s happening inside a room. We saw three dead kids being put in one bag, a beautiful girl died while she’s still dancing, and so many corpses on the streets. And yet, we saw the CCP had those police who are not medical personnel dressed in the most expensive protection gowns and took some photos with the party’s flag in hands, and afterward, they just threw away the gowns in the garbage. We could see that some people commit suicide by jumping from their high raises. We could hear people screaming for help after their doors were sealed. And all the villages are now under their own autonomous, and they fought each other. Some people have no food, and some have no medication. Some families’ members were all dead and nobody tends to them. I said this is a humanitarian disaster over there. And we are all outside.”

“The incident about that young girl who cut people’s throats is not random. Such tragedy is happening a lot more than you can imagine. And I tell you there would be much more serious outbreaks in Heilongjiang, Chongqing, Chengdu, Anhui, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Henan, and Shandong.

Yesterday, there are 202 more confirmed new cases in Shandong, among which 200 were from Rencheng Jail.

2020-02-21 10:09:51 Source: Qilu Evening News

On the morning of February 21st, Shandong Provincial Government hosted a News Conference, wherein they invited Provincial Health Committee, and leaders from Provincial Legislature to explain the new developments of the epidemics and on what measures to take.

Miles Guo said “One of our brothers-in-arms said after our Exposé Revolution reported in the overseas social media that the sulfur dioxide in the air above Wuhan (most likely caused by cremation) is over 1,700, the leader from the central government phoned Wuhan City and said: “Resolve this issue ASAP!” Then came the biochemical troops who cleaned all the furnaces at the crematoriums and installed the so-called sulfur dioxide treatment facility. And now they had changed the cremation into vaporization when disposing of the corpses.”

Miles Guo said “The virus would first be passed on to Beijing and Shanghai, and the next target would be Chengdu and Chongqing, and followed by Heilongjiang, and Liaoning

Hebing banned cross-provincial trains.
Beijing has upgraded its half lockdown.

Shanghai has been infected and has been locked down.
– It has become the 2nd largest epidemic district.
– It is exposed that there are over 150 confirmed cases just in one hospital.
– Armed soldiers are checking people’s cell phones and arrested people who took pictures.

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