The Farm: Sunday, Feb 23

Sunday night summary:

  • Xi Jinping says to expect a “big hit” in the Chinese economy.
  • Beijing continues to fabricate statistics to conceal the true number infected or dead.

  • The true number of infected is already well into the millions (perhaps ~4,000,000-5,000,000).
  • The true number of casualties is growing rapidly (days ago surpassing 250,000).
  • Crematorium and funeral homes continue to operate 24×7.
  • The CCP is ordering a million additional mobile incinerators.
  • The new incinerators will enable the CCP to burn 30,000,000 bodies per day.
    • (This fits under the strategy of “pour concrete” to stimulate the economy.)
  • Sulphur emissions of questionable origin remain high.
  • Outbreaks in Italy and South Korea (a cult megachurch) are requiring additional quarantines.
  • Miles Guo correctly predicted in June of 2019 that a chemical or biological weapon could be used against Hong Kong:

The following excerpts from mainstream outlets are examples of “fake news”:

CNN, Live Updates
New York Times
The Guardian

How long until this story changes?

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Feb. 23, 2020