Miles Guo: CPC Standing Committee member infected with Covid19

The Chinese Communist Party’s coverup of Covid19 backfires quickly, turning China’s capital city into the next Wuhan. Beijing University People’s Hospital, one of the most high-end hospitals in China serving the privileged like the kleptocrats, infected over 500 people including a CPC Standing Committee member (one of the top leaders of the CCP).

Miles Guo’s friend working at the hospital confirmed the infected number in that hospital. The mass infection triggered someone to jump from a building and others to flee according to sources in the hospital.

Beijing became the next Wuhan for Covid19 infections

A screenshot of a chat summarizes it all:

  • Urgent news
  • Urgent news
  • Go grocery shopping after work
  • Store some food
  • Just had a meeting. The epidemic alert level in Beijing is elevated to the same as Wuhan. Doctors in Beijing are not allowed to be transferred to other places. Please be prepared.
A map of eight districts in Beijing

Covid19 found in all eight districts of Beijing

Translation of the screenshots:

Translation for Screenshot #1:

Beijing is in trouble. The three confirmed cases with Covid19 have caused massive infections. Two of the infections occurred in hospitals. One family’s source of infection hasn’t been found yet. The covered-up case of infection in Fuxing Hospital (in Beijing) finally became public after a few days.

But the most troublesome is the infections that occurred in Beijing University People’s Hospital revealed after three days of delay. It is a large-scale infection with unknown sources.

A couple, who started the infection in this hospital, came back to Beijing from Xinjiang on Jan 19th and were diagnosed on Feb 17 with 30 days in between.

There have been very few cases of Covid19 in Xinjiang, so we need to find out the source and channel of their infections.

Translation for screenshot #2

People’s Daily

Beijing notified the epidemic status in Beijing University People’s Hospital: two confirmed cases of Covid19

Feb 20, 2020

This afternoon, the status update of the infected cases at Beijing University People’s Hospital was announced at a press conference regarding Beijing Covid19 Epidemic Prevention and Control:

On Feb 17, 2020, two confirmed cases (Ms. Li and Mr. Zhang) of Covid19 infection were reported at the Fever Unit of Beijing University People’s Hospital. The epidemiology survey shows that they are a couple. Ms. Li’s mother Ms. Tian had been hospitalized at the Senior Unit for six months due to kidney problems (renal dialysis). Ms. Tian’s daughter Ms. Li and son-in-law Mr. Zhang came back to Beijing from Xinjiang. They took turns to care for Ms. Tian until Feb 9, when the hospital halted their visitation. The couple was diagnosed with Covid19 after they developed a fever.

The hospital tested Ms. Tian immediately and the result came back positive on Feb 18. The hospital started the emergency response system immediately and took action to quarantine, disinfect and report the incidence. Medical tests were conducted for all people came in contact with the infected.

Translate for screenshot #3

The following tasks were completed:

  1. The diagnosed patients were sent to a designated hospital for treatment. Patients and hospital personnel who came in contact with Ms. Tian are being monitored medically.
  2. Beijing University People’s Hospital emptied its subsidiary at White Tower Temple for Ms. Tian’s renal dialysis. All other 142 patients getting renal dialysis with possible contact with Ms. Tian are being monitored medically.

3. All tests on 251 patients and the environment were completed with negative results so far.

4. Thorough disinfect for all environments contaminated by patients infected by Covid19. Thorough disinfect at the Dialysis Unit after each shift.

5. Layer management of employees and supply distributions.

6. Elevated security management for epidemic prevention and control.

7. Provide food and other services to people under medical monitoring.

Translate for screenshot #4

Feb 20

Fuxing Hospital and People’s Hospital, which are supposed to be the most reliable places to save people’s lives, have turned into the biggest sources for contaminations. This is a rare and unique case in the nation’s medical system.

Beijing became a laughing stock in the fight against the epidemic. The most sarcastic part is that its skill of covering up is as shrewd as the SARS-coverup. They did learn their lessons well from the SARS epidemic!

@globaltimes Feb 20, press release from Beijing Center for Disease Control regarding the group infection at Beijing Fuxing hospital: as of 6 pm on Feb 19, there were 36 confirmed cases among the patients in quarantine under close watch. Among the 36 infected, there are eight medical personnel, nine cleaning staff, nineteen patients and their family members. The Director of the hopspital Li Dongxia said that she felt very regretful and guilty for having group infections.

Translate for screenshot #5

Beijing Evening Paper

Feb 19

[A man from Wuhan without quarantine infected his mother after he came back to Beijing before lockdown]

This afternoon, Beijing Center for Disease Control (CDC) presented a complicated epidemiology study case:

An old lady lives in Beijing with her elder son. Her younger son’s family of three lives in Wuhan, but they managed to flee to Beijing right before the lockdown of Wuhan. After coming to Beijing, they went out to do shopping, get medicines and pick up express mails, etc without telling people that they came from Wuhan or having 14-day quarantine.

The old lady sought medical help after she developed a fever. But she did not tell the truth about having family members from Wuhan. In the end, they finally revealed the truth after inquiries from the CDC and investigation by the police.

During this time, her younger son realized that his mother was infected by Covid19. To void centralized quarantine, the younger son from Wuhan moved out of his mother’s home and rented another place! But he did not escape the virus after all. Yesterday, his lab test result of Covid19 was positive.

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