The Farm: BREAKING: Thousands of Subversive Communist Operatives Outed

Five of the largest and most prominent media organizations in the world were officially designated “Operatives of the Communist State” after working without the distinction for decades. The primary purpose of these media organizations — which report directly to senior propaganda teams in ranking positions of the CCP — is to subvert the values of their host countries (namely the United States) while operating under the mask of press freedoms provided by the 1st Amendment. They do this by creating propaganda that reaches the entire Chinese diaspora overseas — and by maintaining translation services to ensure maximum “coverage” of that propaganda in all popular languages. Under increasing pressure from Washington — Xinhua, CGTN, China Radio, China Daily and The People’s Daily and all of their employees have finally been officially labeled for what they are — subversive Communist operatives, that are knowingly or unknowingly helping the CCP attain world domination. All of these groups, employees (numbering in the thousands), and their [real estate] assets will now be subject to additional rules regarding their ability to conduct business, limiting their ability to buy ads for example. They will also be subject to greater diplomatic controls while operating in the United States. Xinhua in particular is notable on this list as it was founded in 1931 as the ‘Red China News Agency’ — predating total Communist control over the mainland by nearly 20 years. The “Long March” of influence and infiltration operations began long before the establishment of Communist China in 1949.

As Jonathan Turley notes:

“China has long masked intelligence operations with journalistic credentials. The danger is China could reciprocate against our journalists. The difference is our journalists in China are actually journalists.”

This move effectively reclassifies thousands of “journalists” currently on the CCP’s direct payroll as “Communist Operatives“. The Farm likens this “reclassification” to Uber drivers in California seeking to make the switch from contract workers to full-time employment — only in this case, the distinction being made is between “journalists” and “subversive operatives” that seek to undermine concepts fundamental to the United States, like the Rule of Law.

As a reminder — it wasn’t until late 2019 that a single Chinese diplomat was officially expelled under suspicions of espionage.

How this ties into the “Information War”

The New York Times has a great example of how to effectively propagandize communications in the same article posted by authors Lara Jakes and Steven Lee Myer. In it, they demonstrate a profound lack of understanding around basic economics — spinning an uncontested victory into what they refer to as a “temporary truce in the trade war [Trump] started”. Using the words “temporary truce” to describe the Phase One trade agreement is what Marxist subversion looks like in 2020 — and it isn’t going away any time soon.

From Reuters, this is an excerpted list of the accomplishments the American negotiating team fought for and ultimately won in major trade concessions.

  • China agreed to increase purchases of American products and services by at least $200 billion over the next two years.
  • China has committed to $77.7 billion in additional manufacturing purchases over two years, from the 2017 level, the text says, which will be $32.9 billion increase in 2020 and a $44.8 billion increase in 2021.
  • China has committed to buying at least $52.4 billion in additional energy purchases over the two years, from a baseline of $9.1 billion in 2017. That will be broken into $18.5 billion additional in 2020 and $33.9 billion in 2020.
  • China will also purchase $37.6 billion in services from U.S. companies over the two years, $12.8 billion above the 2017 level in 2020 and $25.1 billion above the level in 2021.
  • China “shall ensure” additional purchases of U.S. agriculture products by $32 billion over two years, the deal says, including $12.5 billion above the corresponding 2017 baseline of $24 billion in 2020 and $19.5 billion above the baseline in 2021.

The CCP works to exert immense influence to ensure that the world (particularly “fake news” like BuzzFeed) believes less than 2,200 people have died due to Coronavirus in total. The true figure is a substantial magnitude higher this, with well over 250,000 dead and millions already infected.

Fake News Website BuzzFeedNews Is Publishing Falsified Statistics About The Coronavirus


While BuzzFeed and others continues to tow the Communist party line — claiming that only ~75,000 are infected — people in the quarantine zones are jumping off buildings, dying alone in their homes from starvation, being rounded up and arrested en masse, harassed by drones, or are now being forced back to work in unsanitary conditions which will certainly help ensure the continued spread of the virus well into Spring.

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Feb. 21, 2020