Beijing municipal government “infiltrated” by Covid-19

A government employee from the western district of Beijing has put the Beijing municipal government in danger of contracting Covid19. The mayor of Beijing is in quarantine after visiting a government building where a confirmed Covid19 patient worked and infected over forty coworkers.

The Mayor of Beijing, Cai Qi is said to be in quarantine. He is a confidant of President Xi.

Cai is one of the cruelest government officials in China. In 2017, he drove many “low-end” (that is the word used by the Chinese government) people out of their rental homes in the suburbs of Beijing in the cold winter. In 2019, he started to drive middle-income people from some areas in Beijing. He is hated by many.

Beijing is on high alert against Covid19 on par with Wuhan

Due to massive Covid19 infections in Beijing, especially within the government, the city is put on high alert on par with Wuhan.

No doctor is allowed to leave Beijing to ensure adequate resources to curb the outbreak. The SARS-era hospital Xiaotangshan has been rebuilt and put into use.

Ninety percent of the businesses in Beijing remain closed.

The first government bureau “conquered” by the virus

Some WeChat screenshots show that Beijing’s Western District became the first government bureau “conquered” by Covid-19.

Translation of WeChat discussion:

  • Beijing’s Western District became the first government bureau conquered by Covid-19.
  • How many people?
  • Someone from Xiangfan in Hubei Province returned to work directly without getting a medical check or quarantine. After he was diagnosed on the 12th, forty more from the Western District government were diagnosed. That’s why the Beijing Municipal government issued an emergency requirement of 14-day quarantine for anyone returning to Beijing.
  • Most importantly, His Highness Mayor Cai just visited the Western District Government on the 10th. His Highness was furious.
  • This is detestable.
  • Does Mayor Cai also need to be quarantined?
  • Yes.

There is another WeChat screenshot about the same incidence:

  • Let me tell you why
  • Someone from the Western District government of Beijing was diagnosed.
  • He works for the Office of Cyberspace Affairs.
  • Two days before his diagnose, the Mayor of Beijing went to inspect the work at the Office of Sybasespace Affairs.
  • Oh. Wow.
  • The SOB got scared.
  • ???
  • Now the head of the municipal government is in home-quarantine.
  • He is now too afraid to go see President Xi to report his work.
  • To make matters worse, the infected person was present at a meeting with the mayor.
  • He spread the virus to coworkers at a dining hall.

Cai Qi’s war against the “low-end” residents of Beijing in 2017

The Chinese government labeled the low-income people as “low-end” population, and regard them as potential threats to stability during economic downturns.

People’s homes were destroyed in the middle of the cold winter at the end of 2017.

“Low-end” people were forced to leave Beijing, as part of the CCP’s plan to lower the possibility of riots in Beijing when people lose jobs.

A fire broke out in one of the “low-end” resident buildings, and that became the excuse for Cai Qi’s Beijing municipal government to demolish “unsafe” buildings in the suburbs of Beijing where people found affordable housings.

Chinese netizen suspected that the fire was set by the CCP, similar to the Reichstag fire, an arson attack on the Reichstag building of the German parliament in 1933.

Chinese netizens compared the Chinese police (top) to Gestapo (bottom) because their treatment of the “low-end” people or Jews were extremely cruel.

Beijing’s high-profile expelling of the “low-end” population brought worldwide condemnations. Other big cities like Shanghai followed suit but in a quieter manner.

The Covid19 viral attack is also a strategy to prevent riots and eliminate the “low-end” population as part of the mysterious “Nanputuo Plan”

Some Chinese kleptocrats led by Jian Zeming and Wang Qishan detailed a “Nanputuo Plan” back in 2011 to ensure its long reign in China. The viral attack is part of the execution of that plan per Miles Guo.

The CCP foresaw social unrest resulted from any economic downturns, so the CCP wants to use a disaster to diverge people’s attention, mask the economic and social problems, thin the herd and stay in power in a big chaos.

(WeChat screenshots were provided by “GM22”, a friend fighting the CCP in China.)

Further reading about 2017 mass eviction of low-end population in Beijing

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Sooner or later, you will get what you did to people!


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