Brother Rain interprets CCP’s front page News—People’s Daily February 18th, 2020.

Topics covered: 1) return of people’s commune dating back to Mao’s era in the lockdown area; 2) Plan of “securing the safety of Beijing and Shanghai at the cost of abandoning Hubei”; 3) postponement of the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress; 4) Kleptocrats’ hidden intentions behind the “mixed ownership”

1. We salute to community workers on the frontline 

The following sentences were extracted and translated from this article: 

Community is the main battlefield of the epidemic control and prevention, it is the most effective defense line against the spread of the epidemic. General Secretary Xi Jinping has attached great importance to the work of epidemic prevention and control at community-level, he has stressed that community’s “blocking role” in the epidemic prevention and control should be given full play, meanwhile the forces for the prevention and control oughted to be assigned down to the communities, measures for epidemic prevention and control should be strengthened to ensure the implementations at community-level and thus turn all communities into strong fortresses. 

「Comments」Probably with the measures mentioned in the article being taken, the governmental and political functions (we are not sure about the economic side) shall be transferred to the hands of community administrators (normally, they are party members; some of them are even party cadres) in the lockdown areas. Reinforced by local police station and party members in the local area, this looks like the return of People’s Commune dating back to Mao’s era. However, the only difference is that its control over people is even tighter, this is achieved through the compound forces of “technology + party members”. CCP’s 21st century serfdom powered by hi-technologies has dawned! 

Here is the situation in the lockdown area: all aspects of the lives of people are now dominated by community administrators composed of party cadres, party members, policemen, community workers and securities hired by CCP. They are locked inside their own apartments and completed banned from even shopping outside the community; their basic necessities now fully depend on the supply monopolized by enterprises designated by community administrators; special passes have been issued to regulate their travel even in the same city and more stringent monitor on the people have been imposed through APPs developed by Kleptocrats-affiliated enterprises. It must be very frustrating for people from middle-class communities, especially when they found that their live is now at the mercy of a bunch of poorly-educated securities and greedy low-level party members, however, what else can they do? With the city’s food and other reserves being consumed and the shortage of food and other necessities that came after, they will probably find out that if they do not do briberies, the food they ordered may not be delivered; if they complain for the poor services offered by party members, they will get punishment. What a nightmare! 

2. Li Keqiang presided over the central leading group meeting on coping with the new crown pneumonia epidemic 

The following sentences were extracted and translated from this article: 

The meeting heard reports given by related workings groups from the joint mechanism of prevention and control of the State Council. According to the reports, through enhanced efforts from all aspects in all relevant areas, the epidemic peak of COVID-19 has been reduced while the strength of this virus has also been weakened, therefore, possible larger outbreak of COVID-19 has been avoided, the situation of this virus across the country is showing a positive trend. 

However, at present, the center of this epidemic is still in the city of Wuhan and Hubei Province, the situation there is still very complicated. With the re-open of factories and start of news terms for schools in most parts of China, the work on epidemic control and prevention in different areas can not be relaxed. 

The meeting pointed out that, in accordance with the requirements of coordinating the “work on epidemic prevention and control” with “social economic developments”, precise prevention and control ought to be continued; meanwhile the orderly resumption of production shall be promoted. However, access outside Hubei Province will be restricted; and we will definitely implement varies polices to prevent “further outbreak of this epidemic within Hubei Province” and “avoid dissemination of this virus to other provinces”. 

「Comments」It looks like the CCP shall continue to seal off the entire Hubei Province. This is the implementation of the plan of “securing the safety of Beijing and Shanghai at the cost of abandoning Hubei” (弃鄂保京海). Residents locked inside their own apartments have already started to complain the lack of fresh vegetables and meat; express services to the entire Hubei province has been completed suspended while food and other stuffs purchased from the internet can not be delivered; miserable story of a middle class family died from COVID-19 due to lack of treatment caused by the over-loaded medical resources continues to circulate via Weichat. What is going to happen in the next few weeks? Will there be a shortage of food and water? Will the lockdown lead to more severe humanitarian crisis? We can not make any predictions now. But we can not let that happen. Let us pray for the people in Hubei! Let us help them! 

We all know that, so far there is no vaccine to this CCP-made-virus (it should be understood as a CCP-made-bio-weapon even though the CCP continues to use its State-Media to “squash this rumor”). Even Zhong Nanshan, CCP’s renowned respiratory scientist, admitted one week ago that  the virus was still mutating and he said that he could not do anything about that. According to Miles Guo; Guo Deying, a Chinese scientist from Wuhan University, made this virus in the P4 laboratory under Wang Qishan’s command. Frightened by the power of Hong Kong people’s pursue for freedom and democracy, the CCP Kleptocrats unleashed this bio-weapon in great panic, with the illusion that it will solve Hong Kong’s peaceful demonstration, however, due to many reasons, this bio-weapon went out of control, which is even beyond the CCP Kleptocrats’ expectations. According to Miles Guo’s video one week before, 1.3 million people have been infected while at least 30 thousand people have died from this virus; but the CCP continues to turn down International assistance and refused to cooperate with US experts on the invention of the vaccine. 

This time to guarantee the “lifeline” of Chinese economy, even under this severe circumstance, the CCP is planing to “force” people to return to work, will this accelerate the spread of this virus? Will more people get infected? That would an even greater disaster! From here, we can see the Kleptocrats never care about the lives of Chinese people and they have even turned the epidemic prevention and control into a political struggle between different factions within the CCP. 

3.Li Zhanshu presided over the 47th meeting of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee 

The forty-seventh session of the 13th National People’s Congress Standing Committee meeting was held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing on the morning of February 17th . The meeting was presided over by Chairman Li Zhanshu. It was decided that the sixteenth meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress will be held in Beijing on February 24.

The chairman’s meeting recommended that the 16th session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress examine the draft decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on the prohibition of illegal wildlife trade, the elimination of harmful practices of wildlife and the effective protection of people’s lives and health; consider the draft decision on the postponement of the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress; and review the relevant appointment and removal cases. 

「Comments」Well, “making” a new law to protect wildlife is definitely good; however, under communist systems, if we borrow Milovan Djilas’s idea, “laws and regulations do not have an essential importance to people” because it is the actual and unwritten rules made by CCP Kleptocrats themselves that matter. Therefore, this could be understood as a trick to “respond to people’s concerns” meanwhile divert people’s attention from questions such as “does the virus really come from wildlife animals? How does it transmit and infect people?” Obviously, the entire world know that COVID-19 is a CCP-made-bio-weapon, the CCP is still doing everything it can to cover up the truth. 

Here is another interesting information: the “postponement of the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress”. We all know that the “two sessions” (两会)in the year 2020 matters a lot to the CCP, this is the year when CCP’s alleged goal of “building a moderately prosperous society” and “comprehensive poverty alleviation” should be achieved; a year that marks the end of the “13th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development” and the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan. Therefore, it is not sure wether the postponement shall become the prologue to the the escalations of political struggles among the CCP Kleptocrats. 

4.The correct understanding of the “mixed ownership economy”

The following sentences were extracted and translated from this article:

The decision of the CCP Central Committee on a number of major issues concerning deepening reform in an all-round way (hereinafter referred to as the“decision”), adopted at the third plenary session of the 18th CCP Central Committee, proposed “actively developing a mixed-ownership economy”, and made clear that “a mixed-ownership economy with cross-ownership and mutual integration of State-Owned Capital, collective capital and non-public capital is an important form of realization of the basic economic system.”

The third plenary session of the 18th CCP Central Committee proposed to actively develop the mixed ownership economy, this, on the one hand better reflects the adherence to the dominating position of collective ownership in the economy; it also achieves the goal of state-asset preservation and enhances the economic competitiveness of the state-owned economy; on the other hand, the introduction of non-public capital into state-owned economy brings benefits to the establishment of a modern enterprise system among state-owned enterprises and improves the vitality and competitiveness of the state-owned enterprises. At the same time, introducing private capital into key areas and state-owned enterprises promotes the development of a variety of ownerships in our economy. Mixed ownership economy reflects the cooperation and integration of different types of capital and enterprises in key areas; this is beneficial to the improvements of the efficiency of asset operations, the enhancement of the innovation and shall become a powerful force in our socialist market economy. Therefore, the goal of developing a mixed-ownership economy is to magnify the functions of state-owned capital, maintain the and increase the values of the state-owned-assets, improve the competitiveness, and promote the mutual development of all types of capital ownerships. 

Comments」Without doubt, the“mixed ownership” proposed in the 18th CCP Congress was devised with the hidden intention to re-transfer China’s private sector back to “collective ownership” meanwhile the amendments of China’s constitution after the 19th CCP Congress signifies the privatization and redistribution of state-power among CCP Kleptocrats.  “Collectivization of property rights” combined with “privatization of state-power”, according to Miles Guo, are the root causes of many of the disasters in China ever since the CCP established its rule.

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