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The Devil’s Weapon or the Hero of the Chinese (2)

In 2003, the leader of the Internet equipment market, Cisco, filed a lawsuit against Huawei, accusing the Chinese company of a “systematic and wholesale infringement of Cisco’s intellectual property rights.” Cisco accused Huawei of stealing software code from Cisco’s communications platform routers. Routers are the key “smart” in the global Internet, guiding billions of Internet locations and figuring out the right path with amazing speed.

Everyone is watching, the CCP’s Huawei is a ‘Rogue’!

In 2004, the case was privately settled. But in 2012, Huawei senior executives publicly stated that they did not use Cisco’s source code. Con man! Rogue!

Chandler, Cisco’s general counsel, angrily invoked the rights in the 2004 settlement to refute Huawei’s fallacy. He wrote on the Cisco blog:

The CCP is Mofia culture.

“This lawsuit involves Cisco’s allegation that Huawei copied our source code verbatim directly, not to mention our command line interface, our help screen, our copyrighted manual, and other content of our product.”

I came to Liu Ping, a former Huawei executive, to uncover the truth. Liu, formerly Huawei vice president and director of Huawei Beijing Research Institute, personally handled the lawsuit with Cisco that year.

Chen Lifang, vice president of Huawei, insisted that the gap between 2 companies was too huge and the ‘stealing’ must continue! About the lawsuit of the CCP stealing from DuPont will be addressed somewhere else. The stealing has been on-going for 30 years. Stealing is a common theme to the CCP. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is not enough for this.

Chen Lifang

“We can only rely on our ‘hidden front comrades’ to take risks” and “special means”. This was Huawei ’s vice president ’s speech at a Huawei new employee forum on April 20, 2018. Huawei ’s stealing behavior did not show any restraint after Meng Wanzhou was arrested. According to a report published by Bloomberg BusinessWeek on February 4, 2019, the FBI raided Huawei’s laboratory in the United States last month to gather evidence.

Meng Wanzhou

A start-up semiconductor company, called Akhan, in the United States has developed a diamond glass technology that is extremely hard and can be used to produce mobile phone screens. It sent samples to various mobile phone manufacturers, including Huawei. Although Huawei signed a non-disclosure agreement and promised to return the samples completely in two months. However, the date of returning the sample was actually delayed significantly, and the samples were scratched and shattered in half, and three small pieces were lost.

A well-dressed beast!

Akhan reported the situation to the FBI, and the FBI designed a sting operation to collect evidence. FBI asked Akhan to contact the relevant persons in charge of Huawei to discuss. Using the opportunity to inquire about the cause and process of the sample damage, the meeting was secretly recorded as evidence.

Huawei was interested in Akhan and accepted the request to meet. However, it was overly cautious. When the time to meet had come, Huawei changed the meeting place and the senior manager of Huawei’s Shenzhen branch, who was scheduled to come, was also absent.

The meeting was held on January 9, 2019. This was after Meng’s arrest and it was assumed to be the reason that Huawei’s senior management cancelled the trip. However, a Huawei employee who attended the meeting admitted that Akhan’s samples were not kept in Huawei’s US laboratory, but were sent to China. Why did Huawei send the samples back to the mainland? This is to do reverse analysis and prepare for imitation. FBI experts later discovered that this sample was shattered by a military-grade laser.

Being a thief is the country’s pride?!! This should be a tragedy of Chinese people! Where is Chinese’s legendary virtue?

The authoritative third party investigating this case in 2004:

“The Cisco code was electronically copied and inserted into Huawei’s [CODE NAME REDACTED] … Two library files of the Cisco’s internetwork Operating System were stolen …. Huawei replaced the library code … but the replacement methodology was flawed!

“If I am not an American, I would rather be a Chinese”- a quote from Cisco CEO John Chambers.

Chambers at the World Economic Forum (2007)

Why did he say that?

In 2002, Huawei’s revenue was only $ 2.1 billion. Cisco’s revenue of the same year was $ 18.9 billion and this was more than 9 times of HuaWei’s.

In 2017, Huawei’s revenue reached $ 92 billion, which is 87% higher than Cisco’s $ 49.3 billion.

Stop being passionate! In 2007, Cisco pledged to invest $ 16 billion over the next five years to double its manufacturing capabilities. It had also purchased about 50 companies in China. However, in 2016, Cisco had to admit that revenue from China was disappointing and China’s turnover was only 10% of Cisco’s. Because China’s preference for local companies, especially high technologies, makes it almost impossible for American companies to succeed locally. Wishful thinking?!!

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